Saturday, December 6, 2008

Update on Cerf Investigation....

Graphic by David

....from Leonie Haimson, who foiled the report. (I mistakenly gave the NY Times credit in my last post. I shoulda known better.)

Check out Juan Gonzalez' column in today's NY Daily News about the long-suppressed report from the Special Commissioner of Investigation on Chris Cerf, the Deputy Chancellor, as well as the NY Times story here. Elizabeth Green of Gotham Schools has some of the back story here; Gotham Gazette has an analysis here.

I was the one who FOILed the report and made it available to Juan last week. Some of the questions answered by the report – and some important questions that remain, as well as a link to the report itself, are posted on our NYC parent blog at Take a look. This report raises real concerns about whether the current system of Mayoral control has sufficient accountability and oversight.

Speaking of which, save the date! The Parent commission will hold a forum on the need for more accountability, transparency and checks and balances under Mayoral control on Dec. 19 at 6:30 at Judson Church. Speakers include CM John Liu, George Sweeting of the Independent Budget Office, Udi Ofer of the NYCLU, and Bob Tobias of NYU, formerly head of testing for the Board of Education. More information on this important public forum is posted here, and a flyer you can post or distribute in your school is here. Please spread the word!

Elizabeth Green made a very pertinent comment on the report which has

not only resurrected questions about Cerf’s propriety, but bigger questions about how sufficiently the Department of Education is held accountable. … Advocates charge that the current structure allows school officials to hide from scrutiny. This report provides them some new ammunition.”

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