Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blog Posts of the Day: Feb. 24, 2009

Growing the bureaucracy: but guess which office at Tweed has actually shrunk?
NYC PS Parent Blog

Is Arne Duncan Really Margaret Spellings in Drag?
I am sorely disappointed in Arne Duncan. I don't see any change from the mean, punitive version of accountability that the Bush administration foisted on the nation's schools."

Diane has been attacked from the left for daring to criticize Obama. As a test-resister who once looked at her very skeptically, my love for her for her honesty is growing by leaps and bounds. Even some of my fellow ICE'ers have come to see her in new ways, remarkable considering her ties to Shanker and his policies.

NYC Educator:

Ms. Weingarten Holds a Rally
Another ho-hum moment?

TEAM & FAMILY: A Veteran Educator's Charter School Experience

Alexander Russo at TWIE: A great interview by Russo with a teacher at the KIPP Brooklyn the UFT is attempting to unionize. One thing is clear. They don't expect much of a contract but do want some basic rights. The question they will face: can the UFT do much when their rights even with a contract are ignored? They should check with NYC public school teachers first.

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