Saturday, February 28, 2009

South Bronx School exposes the sham of rubber room and 3020-a hearings

South Bronx School exposes the sham of rubber room and 3020-a hearings.

So this teacher is removed from school for probably a year for supposedly being unfit to teach, but by paying extortion money to the DOE, it all goes away. They might as well send Vinny the Collector to the school in the first place and skip the rubber room and 3020-a hearing.

SBS writes
the 3020-a process is used not only to remove unwanted teachers from the school, but to extort them as well with fines up to $10K! The teacher in question was offered a deal before the hearing in which a $5K fine would be paid, a classroom management class attended, put into the ATR system, and signing the stipulation "with prejudice" which in legal terms means that there can be no further legal action. Now after Ramona Duran's alleged twisting of reality, the DOE's lawyer's upped the fine to $10K.

School: PS 157 Bronx
Lying supervisor: Ramona Duran
LIS at time: Donald Conyers- now Supt Dist 23
Donald Conyers was the former principal of PS 18X and know that the school was in complete chaos during his reign there. Mr. Conyers never left his office, because he spent more time on the internet instant messaging than educating.


  1. You have written re a "lying supervisor." There are implications to this if this peerson testifies in internal Board of Ed proceedings...

    Can you PROVE this Principal is

  2. Please post how one can get a transcript of this. Also, name of NYSUT Attorney.

    In the name of Justice...please post this information.

  3. Where does this matter stand now?
    This is very important!

  4. Will Ramona Duran be allowed to testify at the Appeal?

  5. What were the Reading and Math scores for the school...when Ramona Duran took over in 1999?

    What are the Reading and Math scores now?

  6. Alan Berg opines that the Reading and Math scores in this south Bronx school are, in some way, "dramatic." (Of course, he has children...and they attend such a school.)

    Who is Alan Berg's boss....who supports these self-serving statements...that all is well...and Ramona Duran does NOT stumble and impale herself on her shenanigans...

    How much money does Alan Berg's boss mulct the taxpayers..for such shenanigans...?

    In the last school Ramona Duran worked in...the New York State Education Department did indeed find the Reading and Math scores dramatic...BUT not in terms of improvement!

    1. These important allegations against Ramona Duran have not, as yet, been proven.
      They are serious and involve conflicts of interests with the legal counsel provided by NYSUT,
      the NYC Corporation Counsel,and the NYC DOE.
      For Teachers who assert a conflict of interests among the entities mentioned, the UFT "farms out" the legal work to an allegedly impartial source----attorneys who work as Independent Contractors and are paid by the union on a l099 pay roll.
      These lawyers never ONCE rule that there is a conflict of interests among the UFT, NYSUT, the DOE and the NYC Corporation Counsel.
      These lawyers collectively obstruct review of the draconian penalty of the "Ineligible List."
      as well as objections to the routine use of hearsay at the internal administrative hearings conducted at the DOE and other municipal agencies.
      When it comes time for an internal hearing the DOE is given the benefit of the doubt in the preparation and maintenance of transcripts.

      Thusly, were the record of such hearings to become "lost" "fall into the aquarium" or simply be "inadvertenly destroyed"---the only possible remedy is a new hearing.

    2. Regarding internal administrative hearings in the al municipal agencies:
      1. Is there any neutral document wrong d oing at the hearing....

      2. Integrity of the record of the proceeding....What to do....when the hHearing Officer destroys the record of the proceeding...

      3. Written decisions AT THE HEARING OFFICERS' DISCRETION.....
      COME ON....if there is no written decision....the matter is mujch, much har4er to appeal.

  7. How many times has Ramona Duran...testified before Alan Berg?


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