Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is Seniority Killing Pawtucket Schools?

This is the way teachers are assigned in Pawtucket, RI. Have we heard calls for an end to seniority due to failing schools? Do they even have failing schools? Oh, they must. After all, the system is run by dreaded and evil seniority rules.

Teachers Pool

Who: Any teacher in Pawtucket may participate.

Where: Auditorium of one of the schools

When: Thursday after the last day of school in June

Why: Collective Bargaining Agreement has said so.

What: The assistant superintendent stands in front of the crowd (generally 500 seated teachers with others crowding the aisles) everyone carrying a card listing their seniority number.
The assistant superintendent stands before a large screen that has projected all of the available vacancies across the district for the next school year. The assistant superintendent starts by saying, "Ok, numbers 1-79, stand up if you see a position you would like and are certified for." Mr. x, a 9th grade math teacher holding onto a card with the number 54 on it, who hates his high school, sees that there is a projected vacancy at the other high school, stands up, and says, "I will take the math position at Tollman High School." Assuming no one else has bid into that position, he is the new 9th grade math teacher at Tollman High School.


  1. Thank goodness part-time UFT President Randi Weingarten has brought Green Dot to NYC. They don't have tenure or seniority, and Leo Casey says not having tenure is better than having tenure, so who could ask for more?

  2. In NYC you have to hold up a card with your birth date on it and if you are over 25 take a seat!

  3. As a parent seniority and lack of management is the reason why our schools are failing. The amount of waste Pawtucket schools produce then turn around and cry poor mouth is unreal. I guess it's easier to complain you don't have enough money for paper for your students then it is to take a good look at how to manage costs. After all does the special ed department really need to send 3 notices to parents telling them about IEP's that the parent is well aware of. It's a waste of man hours, wear and tear on the computer and printer, postage, and paper and inc. I guess when you have a job for a long time and no fear of loosing it, it really doesn't matter does it.


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