Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thanks, Vicki Bernstein

Notice how with the threat of 15,000 lost jobs they still seem to be luring people to NYC and into the TF program.

From a Teaching Fellow:

This is the email that RTR teachers received from Vicki Bernstein, the DOE's Executive Director of Teacher Recruitment and Quality as forwarded to me by a now-former Teaching Fellow:

As you have been previously advised and pursuant to an arbitrator's award, your employment as a teacher in the Teacher Reserve would extend to the end of the term (February 2, 2009) only. Unfortunately, as of this date you have not secured a position outside of the Teacher Reserve and I am writing to inform you that you are being terminated from employment as a regular substitute teacher effective the end of today.

Because you have failed to meet the requirements of the New York City Teaching Fellows program, which requires that you maintain good standing as a teacher, you are also being removed from the Fellowship effective immediately. As previously communicated to you, you may choose to reinstate with the next cohort of the program. More information about the reinstatement process will follow later this spring as details of the Cohort 18 program are finalized.

Please do not continue to report to your Teacher Reserve assignment or to your university. If you have questions regarding pay or benefits, please contact HR Connect at 718-935-4000. Information regarding continuing coverage of health benefits under COBRA can be found at (scroll down to look under "Health Benefits").

I am sincerely sorry you were not able to find a position at this time but hope you will consider pursuing reinstatement.


Vicki Bernstein
Executive Director of Teacher Recruitment and Quality

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  1. The Teaching Fellows should present a class action lawsuit for false advertising and breach of contract. I can't imagine what it would be like to be funded to go to school one day and then not the next.

    There should be a contingent of them outside TWEED every day with signs saying, "DOE stole my time, my degree and my future."

    Not that they're any different from all the rest of us in that respect, but the sight of 20 somethings all broken at the top of their careers might make Charlie Rose re-think his love affair with Bloomberg.


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