Friday, February 20, 2009


Teach for America Trolls Pay A Visit

Ever wonder how people who work Teach for America spend their days?

Their trolls search the web for negative publicity.

Thus, not long after posting Studies Show Teach for America Teachers Are... , Ed Notes got these visits from TFA offices in 2 cities:

Organization TEACH FOR AMERICA/ MCGRAW COMM , Washington
Organization TEACH FOR AMERICA, Chicago

Must be a light week at TFA.

Teacher Quality and the New Teacher Project

There are other trolls out there who tell us about "studies" and "research" with vague references. often by biased self-interest groups. Joel Klein and his minions do this all the time. As does the press. Eduwonkette and Skoolboy have pretty well demolished the "teacher quality studies show" line of bullshit.

This post Skoolboy Savages Kristof was visited by "Jacob" a Socrates-like clone (Socrates posts responses to attacks on the phony ed reformers all over the web under various aliases and pretenses and clearly shows signs of being a paid responder) who disingenuously wrote:

There is actually ample evidence, see any report by the new teacher project, the national counsel on teacher quality, or the national governors association. For information regarding the effects of effective teachers see the work of Sanders or Goldhaber among others.

To use research by the New Teachers Project is akin to accepting a North Korean study showing the high level of democracy in that nation.

Rebecca responded:

The "teacher quality" debate is about classism-pure and simple.
Have you ever noticed that the debate rarely centers around middle class suburban students and their relationship to their teachers? Why do you suppose that is?

It's because most middle class suburban children arrive at school with their needs already met. Their teachers simply teach and miraculously the children learn.

The debate is an attempt to draw attention away from the vast inequities in lifestyle, health care, nutrition and wages which exist in high-needs schools.
It is an abomination that private interests push the teacher debate as a way to avoid the horrendous class divisions which they have helped to create.

It is laughable that the above comment directs attention to the New Teacher Project for evidence.

The same organization that consistently short changes high-need children by sending in poorly trained teachers?

When the truth comes out about what these private interests have been doing, the public will be outraged.

Make no mistake about it-it will come out.
More importantly, however, how do these individuals live with themselves?

NYC Educator followed up:

The New Teacher Project takes millions from NYC, then writes reports suggesting we fire TPD teachers, twisting and manipulating statistics so outrageously that a layman like myself can detect it on one cursory reading. I wouldn't trust Tim Daly as far as I could throw him.

Incredible he can take all that money from Klein and have the audacity to present himself as an objective observer.

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Anonymous said...

What's with the TFA/McGraw Hill spider? Are they working together? How convenient...the organization who pushed test prep as a solution to all problems and the largest test publishing company.
What an amazing coincidence.
I'd bet a substantial amount of money that the whole PR nonsense of Wendy Kopp coming up with the idea for Teach for America "from her dorm room in Princeton" is a complete load of b.s.
They created TFA to push the testing agenda.