Saturday, February 14, 2009

Testimony on Mayoral Control For Assembly Education Committee

Patrick Sullivan testimony on mayoral control at the NYC Public Ed Parent blog

Patrick is the lone member of the PEP, appointed by the Manhattan borough pres Scott Stringer. All other borough presidents appoint little gnats who say nothing, proof that the UFT to let politicians appoint PEP members is a tweak to mayoral control that is much ado about nothing.

Late in the afternoon Patrick Sullivan, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer’s appointee to the Board testified. It was riveting!


I hope today I’ve been able to provide you with insight into the functioning of the current citywide board. In its current form the Panel for Educational Policy does not make policy or even meaningfully advise the chancellor. Those roles are reserved for the chancellor's management consultants and the distant foundations of wealthy men: the Broad Foundation, Gates Foundation and Dell Foundation. But we parents know better. The real insight into the challenges of urban education lies in the communities, school leadership teams, PTAs, community councils. We will never have real improvement in our schools until we embrace parents as real partners in the education of their children. I urge you to restore balance, order and even simple decency to the governance of our schools.

Below is a testimonial from the UFT's Peter Goodman, also known as Ed in the Apple, a long-time employee and apologist for the UFT. He posted his view on his blog.

See what he says because he is an open example of the dishonesty of the UFT. He rose to oppose Michael Fiorillo and ICE's position which calls for an end to mayoral control. The UFT wants to pretend and convince people this is just a little matter of Joel Klein and not a nationwide attack on teachers and parents with dicatorial mayors.

The Board is “managed” by the Chancellor: no agendas to the day before the meetings, or the day of the meeting, no minutes of meetings, vacancies on the Board abound, the Chancellor has emasculated the Board, that, in reality, has absolutely no function, and, any attempts to question any actions by Klein are rejected by Klein. The Board is a Potemkin Village

The UFT is the real Potemkin Village.

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  1. It is truly disgusting..
    and tragic what we are seeing in the education system today.
    Alot of these people should be wearing pin stripes..They are lucky God has had mercy on them thus far..


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