Monday, February 23, 2009

Student Abuse Ignored by DOE

Even BloomKlein critics have given them credit for breaking up the old political machines that ran local schools for so long. But did they?

Ed Notes reported on the situation at PS 154X in in District 7 the Bronx on Jan. 22. Principal Linda-Amil Irizzary was Supt. of District 8 last year. She was asked to leave. Yolanda Torres, her good friend, is currently the Supt of District 7. They are rumored to be well-connected to certain political entities.

With reports surfacing with increasing frequency of some administrators at the school using more force than necessary one must wonder how it is possible for a teacher to end up in the rubber room after sneazing near a kid while adminsitrators can face serious charges, yet be allowed to, not only continue on the job, but be allowed to conduct the investigation into their own behavior.

The Rubber Room Reporter blog had a follow-up on Monday Feb. 24th,
Disarray at PS 154X in the South Bronx, Teachers There Report, asking:

What is going on at PS 154X in the South Bronx? And what is Joel Klein doing about it?



Anonymous said...

Derrick Townsend is a danger to our students. I think it's about time something is done about this.

Anonymous said...

The Bronx District Attorney's office should look into this.

Anonymous said...

Does Derrick Townsend's conduct rise to the level of corporal punishment? Who conducts the investigation in such a case?

Anonymous said...

Re: Corporal Punishment

1. Must the Principal conduct an investigatory/disciplinary meeting...

2. Can the Rating Officer farm the whole thing out to a Grade Supervisor...and not participate in the Investigation? Effectively then, can the Principal have a colleague do all the work of a Corporal Punishment investigation...and not participate at all?

3. What documentation must the UFT generate...that it ever participated in the corporal punishment investigiation...or that one was ever conducted?