Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Riots Break Out Over Threat to Bloomberg School Control

As the minority report of the Independent Community of Educators (ICE), a report opposing the UFT's minor tweaking of mayoral control and calling for its total gutting, gains wide circulation, the NYC police department has been placed on red alert over the prospect of massive rioting as it gains wide acceptance.

When asked where this rioting will be taking place, a police spokesperson said, "Obviously, in and around the Tweed Courthouse as Tweedies, high priced consultants, charter school profiteers and all the other leeches on the DOE gravy train."

Thousands of police will be surrounding Tweed on a 24-7 basis.


ICE Minority Report: UFT Takes a Seat on Mayoral Control, While ICE Offers Alternative
ICE leaflet
: Mayoral Control: Bad for Teachers, Students, Parents and Communities


February 7, 2009 --
In his strongest language yet on the issue, Mayor Bloomberg yesterday warned of "riots in the streets" if state lawmakers don't renew mayoral control of the city's schools.

"If they didn't do that, I think that there'd be riots in the streets, given the improvement" to schools, Bloomberg said on his weekly radio show.

Critics of Bloomberg's record on education - many of whom testified at a state Assembly hearing on the issue in Manhattan yesterday - said his dire warnings were off base.

"Bloomberg's bizarre comment only serves to underscore how completely out of touch he is with what public-school parents face every day," said Patrick Sullivan, one of 13 school policy board members whose appointments are at the heart of the mayoral-control debate.

Education Committee Chairwoman Catherine Nolan, citing her own experience as the mother of a public-school fifth-grader, said she had been hung up on by Department of Education employees tasked with assisting parents and ordered around harshly by school employees at a public event.

"The respect for parents starts at the top," Nolan said, eliciting applause from the crowd.
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  2. Ah, those born agains: so proud to be humble!

  3. Love your headline, Norm. It was a long time wading through the muck to tell you, though.

  4. Norm have you seen the light?

  5. I am one of those "born-agains" Michael, but I still loved your speech!
    Too bad the D.A. did not heed your advice.


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