Thursday, March 4, 2010

GEM's Message on National Day of Action Today

Quality & Equal Public Education - No to Privatized Charter Schools!

GEM's Message


  1. Ed Koch is leading a group of "reformers" to try and reform the cesspool that is state gov't.

    That's a laugh.

    When you look up municipal corruption + 1980's, what you get is a picture of Ed Koch, Stanley Friedman, Mario Biaggi, Donald Manes, et al.

    Now we have Paterson, Rangel, Smith, Sampson, Bruno, Bloomberg - all either on the take end or in Bloomberg's case, on the handing out end.

    It is good to see Liu pushing back on this CityTime contract. Would like to see him audit more of the no-bid boondoggles the supposedly "good gov't" figure Bloomberg has handed out to cronies.

    It is also good to see Liu warn that school progress reports will be audited. With any luck, maybe he'll audit future closures too.

  2. An important mission for the true education reform movement (us, as compared to Duncan-Klein deformers) should be the protection of the diversity ideal in public schools.
    Folks interested in doing their own longitudinal studies of the worsening racial diversity of NYC schools under Klein can visit schooldigger, as I illustrated on today's post at


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