Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Dreaded "D" and the UFT

Yes. D for Discontinuance. Once you get it on your record you cannot be hired. Any principal it seems can doom you for life. If someone offers you a job and asks for your records, the DOE will not release them. Why? Because they require a letter that you have a job offer which no one will give you without seeing your records. Yossarian would be left scratching his head at this one.

Now on to the UFT. If you find you are blacklisted by the dreaded D and ask the UFT for help you will get 12 different answers. The most common is: Don't worry, that is only for your district. You can be hired by another district. NOT.

How shameful that the Unity Caucus/UFT just lets people hang out to dry like this. In purgatory forever. A fighting union would make a big deal out of this. But the people with D's are the nontenured and the few, so why bother?

One word of advice people get is to resign before they get the dreaded D and get re-certified in another license. Some choice.

Distribution update:
ICE-TJC leaflets are going like hot cakes. People have been making copies and putting them out in their schools without even letting us know. It would help to know so we don't duplicate but if people get the stuff twice we are still behind the Mulgrew murder of entire forests. The latest is a letter from your Unity chapter leader and the district rep telling you to vote for Unity.

I finally got into Fort Hamilton yesterday where the Unity CL had told the school aide at the desk not to let me in. The principal invited me into her office and we had a lovely chat.

I spoke to two lunch hours at an elementary school with a Unity CL, who was not the one to invite me. A few younger teachers and we had a good chat about numerous issues beyond the election. Very invigorating - for me at least.

Some Unity hacks are telling teachers who want to invite me it is not allowed. Pretty funny when the entire Unity machine waltzes into schools at will. "No electioneering" they tell ICE supporters, another Catch-22 for Yossarian.


  1. Spokw with a teacher from one of the schools the State proposes to close next year. The UFT had a meeting yesterday with teachers from the 30 schools on the list. I am told that the UFT position was very very weak and that the great majority left feeling SOLD OUT.

  2. The UFT should be brought up on charges for not allowing a fair election to take place.

  3. A friend told me that her HS school is on the State List and the SURR list. Her DR came to talk to the staff two weeks ago and told them they should start looking for other jobs.


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