Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Two questions for Michael Mulgrew from John Lawhead, Chapter Leader, Tilden HS:

(1) On February, a Daily News reporter asked you about the UFT charter school’s practice of enrolling lower percentages of ELL and IEP students than the neighborhood schools. You told her, “That’s why we recommended the [Charter] law, because we know we aren’t serving the neediest students.” (New York Daily News, 02-24-10) Why does the UFT need a law to force it to serve the neediest students?

(2) Earlier this month when New York was named a finalist in the competition for Race to the Top grants you praised the state’s application for its “dedication to innovation, improving teaching and learning, curriculum and the issues that really make a difference inside the classroom.” You didn’t offer a single word of qualification with regard to the application’s commitment to wholesale school closings and linking teaching evaluations to test scores. Did you actually read the application?

Lawhead is a candidate on the ICE-TJC slate for HS Executive Board. Vote ICE-TJC and out him on the Exec. Bd. so he can ask Mulgrew questions like these regularly.

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