Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fort Hamilton HS - Unity Caucus Chapter Leader Tells Security to Keep Us Out

After yesterday's experience at Grady Voc, Mulgrew's old school, which I reported this morning on how the UFT Unity CL has told the security guard to keep us out, I had a 2nd day of being turned away from Fort Hamilton HS today. Yesterday I could live with because I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I called the chapter leader and left a message. And also called Michael Mendel from the UFT who is always very good about getting things straightened out. He called me in the evenign to say I could go back. So today I did. And got the same runaround. Both days were not with the regular security. This time she spilled the beans when she said she was told not to let me in. "Who told you," I asked? "Mr. Fried, the UFT chapter leader," she answered. BINGO! Another call into Mendel. Actually, about 4 calls. He had the DOE call the school but everyone had abandoned ship by then. So I will go back tomorrow.

We are tracking these refusals so if we are close on the high school vote we have grounds to protest. Keep it up boys. This can turn out to be fun.

Then there was this comment from a teacher on the previous post:

Fortunately, the UFT's actions or non actions make it easy to convince the members of a school being threatened by the take over by a charter school - Girl's Prep. Today Mike Mulgrew and Leo Casey came to visit Girl's Prep at about 10 am None of the staff at PS 188 knew they were coming. They left and never even attempted to meet with the staff even though it was a 1/2 day and we could have easily gotten everyone together. The number of staff checking the ICE/TJC box tripled today as a result. Thanks guys.

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