Monday, March 1, 2010

"You can't fire poverty"- Mrs. Mimi With Some Common Sense Outrage at Central Falls Firings

These 2 blogs from Ms. Mimi are in the "wish I had written them" category as she takes Obama, Duncan and the whole pack of ed deformers to task. (And not good news for them that Ms. Mimi, a published author, comes from the stock of teachers they view as golden.)

Yes, I'm Still Heated About This Whole Rhode Island Thing...

Why The Superintendent Firing All the Teachers in One School Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves...and Maybe Have To Wear a Scarlet D for Douch


  1. Thanks! You've warmed my tired little educationally frustrated heart!

  2. Mrs. M,
    This should go far and wide. Just so you know, there are pockets of resistance fighting back. We may be like partisans in the woods of Poland but they are not getting away with this stuff scot free,


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