Friday, March 12, 2010

New ICE Leaflet: UFT ELection Ballots Go Out Today

For the next few weeks I will be focusing on the UFT elections. Today the ballots go out and must be returned by April 6. Naturally you should mark the box for ICE-TJC and return it as soon as you can. If you read this blog (other than the Unity slugs) you know full well the situation the UFT mis-leadership has put you in. Does ICE-TJC have all the answers at this time? Of course not. Is the platform perfect? I don't agree with everything. But when putting together an effort like this we all have to give a bit. One thing: we would run a democratic union no matter what. Now I pointed out the realities yesterday. But the outpouring of support and energy this time has surprised even me. Is it anywhere near the Unity machine? No way. But the key is it is building. Yesterday I was at a Get Out the Vote session by Teachers Unite and NYCORE. To see younger teachers ready to get involved is enlightening. They understand that this is a building process and are all excited about continuing to build over the next few years.

Here is the latest ICE leaflet which I finished at 3:30 AM. As usual, it went through what James Eterno terms the ICE meatgrinder. If you want copies for your school email me at

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