Thursday, March 4, 2010

Steve Brill Preparing Next Hatchet Job

Reports began surfacing that Steve Brill is gnawing around the charter school story – he was probably hired by the charter school crowd to do a hatchet job on the defenders of public education like he did on the rubber room (Steven Brill Leads Major Assault on ATRs ).

Angel Gonzalez found out later that he had been talking to Brill at the PS 30/Harlem Success Invasion hearing (Don't miss the great videos) last week.

Angel reported:

I hadn't realized that it was Brill that I was talking to at PS30 Hearing.

(Realized it was Brill that questioned me after doing a google image on him.)

As I confronted Ms Mockowitz on camera about her $370K, Brill interrupted and immediately started asking me (had gem button) "what is gem? where does GEM get its money, who pays for your blog?....Those were his immediate questions. I retorted that he could easily find out by going to our blog....and asserted that we were volunteers. Brill apparently can't fathom a solid persistent raucous army of volunteers.

He must think that gem is the left wing front of the UFT.

Brill seemed very chummy and cozy with Mockowitz (when I found them) so I very much suspect he is out to do reconnaissance for her Evildoers. Later, at the hearing, I gave him the Indypendent paper and told him to reprint the centerfold with the Naked expose' of those charter-capitalists/lovers. [see Ed Notes sidebar for links]

If the New Yorker lets Brill do another hack piece, I am going to use my copies for kitty litter.

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