Monday, March 15, 2010

UFT Elections: The Young Uns are Coming - Teachers Unite/NYCORE Endosrse ICE-TJC

Maybe they're not coming quick enough to affect this election. But they are coming. The Teachers Unite/NYCORE candidates forum drew a nice crowd over a week ago. Check out the final 10 minutes in this video I posted:

ICE, TJC, Unity, New Action at TU/NYCORE Candidate Forum

Both groups then endorsed the ICE-TJC slate in the election.

On Thursday night they held a "Get out the vote" event which drew some teachers. Just drops in the bucket so far, but the first signs of movement on that end in a long time. Maybe I can really retire soon.

I received a request from one of the participants, a first year teacher, to send her ICE-TJC lit for her school. I have two invitations to speak at schools this week from two other participants, teachers in the system for 5 years or less.

As I said, this awakening may be too little too late - for this election. But as one participant said: This is a great training ground for me for the future. I knew almost nothing about the UFT before this. Our role is to provide whatever assistance the new generation of union activists need.

So many people have told us they just forgot to vote. It is not enough to put leaflet in mail boxes. Unity CL's are actually offering raffle tickets to anyone who brings them their ballot.

Here is a GOTV questionnaire TU/NYCORE made up to get people to vote.

1) Did you receive the ballot for the UFT election in the mail? Ballots are mailed March 12

2) Do you know who you’re going to vote for?

3) What are two things that would improve your working conditions?

4) What other issues are important to you?

5) What do you know about the different caucuses and slates?

Organizing union

We want to help build an organizing union that mobilizes all of us to fight against pay-for-performance policies and budget cuts, while fighting for a contract that guarantees us a cost of living wage increase and no give-backs.

Teachers have a voice

We need to show our union leadership that we teachers have a voice that must be heard.

Teachers Unite and NYCoRE endorses ICE-TJC

Teachers Unite and NYCoRE have endorsed the ICE-TJC slate because they have actively fought for a democratic, transparent union that mobilizes its members, makes their voices heard, and leads UFT decisions.


Unity has led our union since the 1960s and we feel their bureaucratic style is undemocratic and conciliatory. Unity is the current leadership of this union that comes up short in the fight against the injustices facing our schools and communities. In addition, Unity has agreed to givebacks on teacher time as well as coming out in support of merit pay for test scores and charter schools.

6) Can I count on you to vote for ICE-TJC?

7) [If “no” or “not sure” to the question above] Can I count on you to vote at all?

8) [For the very enthusiastic]: Do you know five other colleagues you can talk to about the UFT election? Who?

9) Did you know that over 2,000 ballots were invalidated in the last UFT election because people made a check mark by both the individual candidates AND a slate?


[Show your ballot and how to vote for the ICE-TJC slate]

10) Would you bring your ballot in on [specific day/date: ] so we can vote together and show our co-workers the importance of our vote?

11) I’m going to check back with you on [specific day/date ] to follow up.


  1. Isn't Teahers Unite and NYCORE like 15 people at the most?

  2. Actually they really don't exist at all- just a figment of my imagination.


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