Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Paperwork Monster

People are not against paperwork that helps the kids. But when it seems useless and ties you up so you do less teaching the frustration level rises.

Repeated questions to the UFT have gone on deaf ears.
"Oh, everybody has to do it in the district," is one standard response.

Teachers should have their own secretaries.

Here is what teachers at one elementary school have to do.

Conference log notes: Reading and Writing

Strategy Lesson Template

Guided Reading Template

Math Portfolio 5 specific samples

Writing Portfolio 3 specific samples

On Demand writing levels 4 times per year

Running Records 4 times per year

Interim Goals

EClas 2 times per year (Records marked in 3 places: Bubble grids, Notations on each page and front of booklet, large grid)

Individual Math assessment 4 times per year (Notated on both group sheet and individual sheet)

New webpage to include welcome, weekly homework, class activities, blog

holdover conferences

holdover letters

At Risk forms

After school planning template

Check parents phone numbers with parents during p-t conferences

Distribute ARIS pin numbers to parents during p-t conferences

Obtain parents cell phone and telephone number for k-12 alert during p-t conferences


  1. Agreed. This is silly. There's got to be a way to simplify & centralize some of these tasks.

  2. Where does the incompetence end and the malice begin?

  3. This sounds eerily like my school. We are being required to do most of these same things. It is literally impossible without liberal cut-and-pasting and Bullshit Bingoing.

  4. Sounds like keeping 'm barefoot and pregnant and they'll be too busy to do something about it.

    Shame on the UFT for pretending to do a paperwork battle and not following through. More dues down the drain.


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