Thursday, August 26, 2010

Steiner and Tisch: Race To The Top Hostage Photo

A Scary Thought: These People Run the NY State Ed Dept.

Let's see now. Meryl Tisch - yes that family - owns Giants and all kinds of stuff. Also Bloomberg next door neighbor - we picketed her too at our January '10 demo a Bloomberg's house. She also does Passover with Joel Klein. Very non-partisan.

And David Steiner who used to be at Hunter College - you know the place. Lower 4 year grad rates than some high schools that were closed. And remember how Hunter and Joel Klein tried to team up to take over the Julia Richman complex on 2nd Ave and 67th St - one of the multi-school buildings that has actually worked since the early 90's.

Photo from Gotham Schools


Anonymous said...

I would like to share this with you.

Two nights ago I was watching Councilman Robert Jackson, chairman of the committee on education, as he questioned the new deputy chancellor, Marc Sternberg, and the director of OSEPO (forgot her name) about student placement especially at the high schools with respect to the ELLs and Special Needs students. So I did a google search on Marc Sternberg and here's what I found.

Marc Sternberg, Former principal of Bronx Lab HS (Evander Child Campus) is the new deputy chancellor of Portfolio Planning as of July 1st. He was also a TFA teacher who parlayed his three years of teaching to become a principal, a deputy chancellor while keeping his Vice President position of Victory Schools, an organization that launches and manages charter schools. Isn't anyone going to question this?

The DoE continues to hire administrators that have ties to charter schools organizations. There's a fox watching over the hen house! The 460 charter schools cap came with an affiliation to those people who will work in Tweed to squeeze in their preferred charter schools.

here's the link to the info:

NY_I said...

They must have swayed the ear of the folks giving out the Race to the Top bucks in the latest competition.

Very interesting that RTTT fund dispensers passed over anti-teacher crusader Chris Christie.

Anonymous said...

Marc Sternberg also is a Princeton and Harvard Alumni who took children from public schools in the Bronx through wonderful academic / enrichment programs while teaching in the most impoverished community in the Bronx. His harvard degree is highly competitive earning dual degrees in business and education.. get your facts straight...some people are just qualified and have committed!!