Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wish I Could Vote in Colorado- UPDATE: DARNIT

Update: Just saw Bennet on TV after win. Looked pretty arrogant to me. Too bad he won.

Reality Based Educator put us onto the Colorado Senate primary where Obama ed deform face Michael Bennet faces defeat today from Andrew Romanoff despite - or because of - the Obama admin pushing Bennet.

You may have read the other day in a major article in the NY Times about the disastrous deal Bennet made with the banks that is about to bankrupt the Colorado teachers pension system.

It is difficult to believe but Michael Bennet, the corporate whore Democrat backed by Barack Obama, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, hedge fund criminals like Whitney Tilson and the entire education deform industry, is on the verge of losing a primary to an insurgent who had to sell his house to get enough money to compete with the millions Bennet has raised from Wall Street and other corporate interests.

Here is how the Denver Post depicts the last full day of campaigning:

Andrew Romanoff's T-shirt shop has been working overtime in the last weeks of his insurgent campaign for U.S. Senate, churning out thousands of dark-blue "Teachers for Romanoff" and "Nurses for Romanoff" jerseys.

The one shirt you won't see between now and Tuesday's Democratic primary is "Establishment for Romanoff," and that's just the way the former House speaker's campaign seems to like it.
 Read RBE's full piece at: Taking Back Washington D.C. From The Corporate Whores

I don't trust most politicians no matter what they say but in this case I figure a defeat for Bennet is a victory for us. So I joined Andrew Romanoff's facebook page. And lo and behold, he is supported by Bill Clinton. Not a good sign since he is an ed deformer, though he tries to closet it. But it is intriguing that he goes against an Obama supported candidate. Or does he just see the handwriting on the wall an jumped on. See http://www.andrewromanoff.com/blog/entry/bill-clinton-hold-this-seat/

And in case you haven't noticed yet, some teacher bloggers in Colorado are doing more than their share. Leonie urges everyone to subscribe to their blog so we don't have to keep reposting. Here is a good one:

Walking to D.C.
Sabrina | August 9, 2010 at 3:07 pm | Categories: other school professionals, standardized testing | URL: http://wp.me/pTcsU-7T
Headlines like "Inexperienced Companies Chase U.S. School Funds" and "Schools paying for tutors with mixed track record" don't surprise Dr. Jesse Turner, a professor of reading and language arts at Central Connecticut State University. In the course of his work as director of CCSU's Literacy Center, he has witnessed and felt deep opposition to No [...]

And check out a new tab at the top I'm calling CURRENT HOT ITEMS. I'm trying not to clutter the side bar with too many items but they just keep coming in. Today we have an item on Bill Gates (Teachers Pest).

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reality-based educator said...

Latest PPP poll has Bennet up 6. But he had been up double digits in the last PPP poll, so the trajectory is downward. Still, with most voting done by mail, it could be that the race was over BEFORE the Times story about Bennet and Denver school finances on Friday.

Here's hoping he goes down to defeat. That he got taken to the wall in the primary and that teachers worked AGAINST him and for Romanoff shows the Democratic establishment they have lost us as a "yes" vote.

We'll see tonight.