Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where the UFT Money Honey Flows

This email dropped in from an anonymous source soon after our earlier post -
UFT/Unity Machine Facing Cuts? Why Not Just Raise Dues So They Can Continue to Live in Style?

Follow the UFT’s Money 
by He/She Who knows Too Much
Anna Phillips’s story on today’s Gothamschools.org about shrinking UFT dues is wrong. We have 36,000 brand new members--the health home care providers! What’s happpening with that dues money?
Meantime, here are my recommendations for curbing the UFT’s elite socialist paradise and capping its unconscionable dollar leaks:
►Rent out the 40 parking spots in the UFT building instead of rewarding Mulgrew's pampered class who park for free instead of being with the great unwashed on the subways and buses.
►Cut back on the consultant contract with Glover Park, whose partner is Howard Wolfson, Bloomberg's deputy mayor. Remember the mayor, the guy who wants to destroy public education in New York?
 ►No more open bars at chapter leader weekends, thus saving $30,000 per weekend.
 ►Force Mulgrew meet his deadline for reading every word in the New York  Teacher. His delays cost the union tens of thousands in extra printing and mailing costs.
►Pay cuts to $100,000 for everyone who earns over $100,000, the top teacher salary. CFO David Hickey makes $205,000 a year. (You can check everyone's top pay at ICEUFT.
 ►No more expense accounts for Hickey to travel to Coney Island to hang out with Mulgrew at the Cyclones ballpark to "throw out the first pitch." (N.B., Mulgrew keeps striking out when trying to get us a raise).
►Make sure the cut in hours is across the board and not fall on the mainly black and  Hispanic support staff, most of whom make around $30,000 while whites makes triple and quadruple that sum.
 ►Reduce TV and radio ads--one million bucks--which do nothing but promote Mulgrew.
 more to come. 

From the ICE blog side panel (top).

UFT Reports Filed With Labor Deparment

Each year our union is required to file UFT employee salaries, membership, and disbursements reports. The form, called an LM2, is available here. These reports were prepared on December 30, 2009 and reflect transaction for the year ending July 31, 2009.


bernie madoff said...


PBA man Hickey gets $200 a week in expenses on top of his bloated 200 K-PLUS salary.
That's a lot of hot dogs at the ball park. Check the expenses for other UFT bigwigs feeding and drinking at the union trough.
By the way, any UFT active or retired member can write to the U.S. Deprtment of Labor asking for every single UFT check written for any purpose. The checks- not the cash- are all kept on a computer disk that takes one minute to copy.
If Mulgrew tries to stonewall you, ask the D.O.L. and or the Justice Deprtent to investigate him.
You might also want to ask why the UFT is always one year late in filing the reports. What would Mulgrew say if DOE did that? (probably nothing).
Beween Mulgrew and WEingarten, the members lost $143,476 in extra printing and mailing costs and overtime because they refuse to meet their deadlines in reading every single word in the NY Teacher.

orson welles said...

Keep digging Accounting Dept:
THe outrage at the rip off salaries Mulgrew is paying his toadies with our dues is bad enough, but take a close look at their expenses to see who is using our money to pay for free eats and booze and disguising the chits as "UFT business."

FRanz Kafka said...

The real UFT budget "problems," stem from Hickey convincing Weingarten to move to 52 Broadway even though 260 Park AVEnue was fully paid off and has since been converted to million dollar condos.
Hickey oversaw millions of dollars in construction over -runs and Weingarten had no clue how to bail out; the head of the Accounting Dept. was forced out by Hickey because he wouldnt go along with jiggering the books any longer.

If he doesnt wind up like Ted Maritas, he has some great stories to tell about those buildings.
THe union is "broke" only when it comes time to give workers a raise.
Read the LM2's carefully- they hide a lot of dough.
For Hickey to say there are fewer members that need help is the biggest lie of all; members in the entire city are begging Mulgrew for help in their schools and he disses them.
The anger about the felonious salaries that Hickey and others get- plus their huge expense accounts- is mis-directed. The real anger should be over the fact that they do so little work for the members and regard the union as a sinecure.