Tuesday, August 3, 2010

UFT COPING Very well

Anna Philips at Gotham reprises Kim Gittleson's July 20 piece. Anna raises the golden question: "It’s unclear where the sudden infusion came from and what the union plans to do with it."

I can tell you that the membership will have zero say in where this money goes.

Teachers union’s political funds grow and some migrate south

picture-2New York City’s economy is still suffering, but the teachers union’s political coffers have grown, as have union members’ donations.
An analysis of the United Federation of Teachers’ political activities, done by Kim Gittleson, shows that contributions from union members to the union’s political action committee are at their highest level in 10 years. The amount of money in the fund, called COPE, has increased from an average of $124,000 in the earlier part of the decade to $1.35 million in July of 2009. It’s unclear where the sudden infusion came from and what the union plans to do with it.


Unitymustgo! said...

Everyone loves a good party! Maybe they can throw themselves a few nifty parties (OOPs, I mean fundraisers) for some politician that will eventually scr_w us over (Wait, I mean help us). I'm a UFT member I wonder if I'll get an invitation?


Anonymous said...

Hochul doesn’t give a damn about crime and public safety. Well that’s number one in importance for me and not even in her top 5. Tells victims of crimes and their families that crime is a perception. Typical leftist speak.

ed notes online said...

ACTUALLY typical rightist speak. I bet when crime was low under de Blasio before pandemic you didn't go around singing his praises. I have a graph showing actual crime states over the past years vs the number of mentions in media - I will post the chart but I'm sure you will call it fake news.