Saturday, August 21, 2010

NY Post's Carl Campanile Discovers Dem Who Opposes Perkins, Ignores Hedge Contributions

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It took a massive investigative effort, but Carl Campanile has managed to dig up a Democrat who supports the charter school backed opponent of Harlem State Senator Bill Perkins. Hailed as a possible Pultizer Prize winning story, the Post ran a story with the startling revelation that "The executive committee of Frederick Samuel Democratic Club -- co-chaired by Assemblyman Wright -- backed Smikle in an 11-7 secret ballot vote for the nomination." 

Wow! Perkins is in real trouble when 11 out of 18 members of this massive club turn against him. Has anyone checked to see what monies Wright got from charter school supporters?

 Perkins spokesman Richard Fife pointed out:

"Interesting you make a news item out of an executive committee of a club supporting Smikle in a split vote. From most every other grass-roots group in the district, Bill Perkins won an overwhelming vote from their members."

The Post won't be sending Campanile out to make a list of all the clubs that have supported Perkins.  The story makes this comment.

"Hedge fund managers and other charter-school financiers have donated about $60,000 of the $150,000 raised by Smikle."

Nice chunk of change. The UFT gave Perkins $9000. You know, when unions do it there's a conflict of interest. But hedge hogs? Nada.

Want to know why Joel Klein always favors charter schools and David Steiner ruled against PS 15 in Red Hook in favor of PAVE Academy run by Spencer Robertson, a billionaire's son?

Here are some campaign contributions from hedge fund charter school supporters Carl won't be reporting:

Kenneth Libby reported:

ERN’s largest donation to date (that I’m aware of) is a $250,000 gift from the Robertson Foundation. The foundation was started in 1996 by Julian Robertson, the former hedge fund manager of Tiger Management.

Although Tiger Management is no longer around, they still have an active foundation (the Tiger Foundation) funded by Robertson and other former Tiger Management employees.
Below is a summary of education-related donations from the Robertson Foundation and the Tiger Foundation. Notes: only donations over $10k are included.

Read the ugly details at Norms Notes:

Spencer's (Robertson) dad gave DoE $5mil and the Charter Center $3mil in their last filing. Wow...


NYC Educator said...

Naturally, I'm shocked and stunned.

Anonymous said...

Campinile is a bought and paid for Murdoch slime bucket. He is not a reporter; He is known at the paper as a boot licker all the way-worse than Fred Dick and David Seifman.
Campinile just makes stuff up at that rag- just like the NY Teacher under Mulgrew/McFadyen.