Saturday, August 14, 2010

Callaghan Posting Status

Based on some new information I temporarily removed the Philip Nobile/Jim Callaghan post from last night. Post comments here for now until I put it back up. I'll put up the comments that did come in later on.


  1. DOESNT MULGREW HAVE HIS OWN WEB SITE- THE LEO CASEY home page "put you to sleep in one minute" blog called EDWIZE at the
    It is clear to everyone here that Mulgrew and his caporegimes are siphoning union dues and orchestrating the attacks on Callaghan because they dont have the balls to sign their names and they still cant explain why he wasn't fired from 1997 to August 2010 and only after he started an organizing drive?
    Read Lynn Winderbaum's post in the Daily News, reprinted here.
    You dont need to know anything else about who is right here.
    FYI: there is no IF about the Randi e-mail to Betsy calling her a homophobe. I also have a copy; I don't know how many people have it but I think it might fetch a decent price at the next Gay Pride parade as Randi marches as the "progressive" labor leader she is not.
    Randi hired a homophobe with our money? When will someone ask her to explain that.

  2. "... he called the police and begged to be arrested."

    This comment must have been posted from Roswell, New Mexico.

  3. nope not quite...right from the big apple...a staffer who witnessed it all...good riddance to mr we can get to work.

  4. "... now we can get to work."

    Doing what? Creating more ATRs? Collaborating with Bloomberg's destruction of the schools? Inviting Bill Gates and Eli Broad to set union policy? Inviting more charter invasions?

    If Jim Callaghan was impeding any of this so-called work, then he deserves even more respect.

  5. Notice that none of Jim blog defamers, especially the 52 Broadway insiders, dare to use their names. Also, none of the NEW YORK TEACHER writers who supported Jim's union initiative has spoken. I can understand the reluctance, given Mulgrew's hostility, but I urge them to take advantage of anonymity for Jim's sake. He tried to guarantee your rights to due process. So let's hear from you about the Randi/Mulgrew censorship that Jim wanted to stop.

  6. You can understand their reluctance when the UFT "security" cameras have been used to fire people-spies in the sky at a union? Hickey's job is to sit and watch the cameras all day so he can report back to Mulgrew-can anyone come up with a good movie analogy or Stasi operation?
    Others have had their e-mails tappped into by Engler and Barr and the emails were used to reprimand them. Sane, sharp people at the union believe Mulgrew and Hickey tap their phones.
    Isn't it amazing? at a union of professionals?

    Ask the former press secretary.

  7. Has Mulgrew received a Hickey around his neck? More info to follow from his PBA days.

  8. There is indeed a UFT Stasi operation led my Mulgrew.
    Everyone knows it; the Caucus members are instructed who they should shun and not help- even paying members, which is immoral and illegal. The cameras have been used to spy on staff and to fire them.
    Protect the building from whom?
    The members- that's who! Hickey built it like the Federal REserve with millions of dollars in cost over runs. Maybe he is worried about his old gang of mine from the PBA coming back from the slammer and he needs security.
    260 Park Avenue South was member-friendly; there are five different ways to get into 52 and 50 Broadway without security, so the cameras are for harassing the staff- just like Klein does.

  9. Hickey only puts hickeys on his subordiante's neck.


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