Monday, August 16, 2010

Into the Slime With Sharpton/Klein/Bloomberg

New revelations and timeline of Sharpton, Klein and Bloomberg's political machinations

Today, in the Daily News, Adam Lisberg reports that Mayor Bloomberg gave $110,000 to Al Sharpton in 2008, apparently to gain his assent for overturning term limits, money that was laundered through the Education Equity Project, Joel Klein’s vanity non-profit that supposedly works for education reform.

This revelation comes on top of the earlier finding that
Sharpton received a secret contribution of $500,000 from a hedge fund to join EEP in the first place, funds that were washed through Education Reform Now, a pro-charter lobbying group, to help him avoid federal indictment for tax fraud.

Check out our timeline of relevant events at:


  1. Weingarten and Mulgrew give this this raging anti- Semite and FBI informer-$10,000 a year (not counting the cash). He is the guy who said in front of Freddie's Mart "interlopers (we all know he meant Jewish landlords)are not welcome in Harlem," after which some nut burned the place down killing seven people.

    - a union member in the union of "professionals."

  2. How disgusting....*reaching for my brown paper bag*!


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