Friday, August 13, 2010

Is Wall Street Journal Ed Reporter Barbara Martinez Really Steve Brill in Drag?

Leonie seems to think so:

Pro-charter spin by WSJ; very Steve Brill-esk, unfairly comparing the test scores at Girls Prep to PS 188.
Why not compare them to the autistic kids, while you're at it?

About Girls Prep "The girls are mainly black, Hispanic and poor. Some live in homeless shelters; many live in public housing near the school. "

Really. How many homeless kids at Girls Prep? As of the latest available data, 5 out of 218, or 2%

How many homeless kids at PS 188? 46 about of 406 --11%.

How many LEP at Girls prep? 2% How many at 188? 17%

How many free lunch at Girls Prep? 50% how many at PS 188: 97%!!!!

When are these reporters going to check their facts!

But the test scores at Girls prep are better; so perhaps those PS 188 and autistic kids deserve to be on the streets.
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See: Wall Street Journal Biased Story on Girls Prep

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Claudia said...

I can only assume that you know or have a student at one of these schools - Why don't you contact the news - they have to reverse and apologize when they lie :)