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Carol Burris is State HS Principal of Year, Change the Stakes Meets Today

Carol Burris at GEM/Change the Stakes Forum
Video below of Carol Burris with an intro by a very pregnant Julie Cavanagh at a GEM April 2012 forum on teacher evaluation. (And Julie still had 3 months to go - Jack was a big boy even before he was Jack).

Of course to Unity slugs it is way more important for Julie to speak at a stage-managed Delegate Assembly than to organize a forum bringing together Carol, Leonie Haimson, Gary Rubinstein and Arthur Goldstein (who couldn't be there due to a death in the family).
New York’s High School Principal of the Year, Burris is now a candidate for the award of National High School Principal of the Year, an award sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) and The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. A principals institute and awards ceremony sponsored by NASSP and MetLife will be held in Washington, DC this fall. ---The Patch
How exciting if Carol wins the national award. What a strike against the ed deform industrial complex. Carol has pointed to the major ills of the common core and the state testing system. She has criticized the unions for going along, which led to an attack on her by Leo Casey. Here are some links: Setting The Record Straight On Teacher Evaluations: Scoring - Edwize 

defender of the faith leo casey defends indefensible - ICEUFT Blog
Feb 24, 2012 – Besides Long Island Principal Carol Burris, who co-wrote the principal's letter ... The UFT leadership answers this by trotting out Leo Casey, ...

Leo Casey “Sets the Record Straight” on the New Teacher ...
Feb 22, 2012 – Over at Edwise today Leo Casey, Vice President of the United ... principal Carol Burris of the new teacher evaluations here in New York State.

    Jan 30, 2013 – Remember when Carol Burris criticized the UFT for agreeing to a system ... Here is Leo Casey addressing Burris' point about our schools being ...
Hey, getting Casey agitated is enough reason to give Carol this award. I can't tell you how many supervisors who I respect are shaking their heads at the union's going along with the state evaluation system -- even they think the union is leading its member to slaughter. But I guess it might take another landslide win by Mulgrew followed by the slaughter to get the message across --- that only a strong opposition will force the UFT to act in defense of its members. Sorry for turning a great event for Carol into a political diatribe. So back to Carol.

Carol Burris is part of Change The Stakes, the group fighting his stakes testing and working with parents opting out. CTS it a unique group with teachers, parents and administrators -- the best you can find. We are meeting today at 5:30 rm 3389 at CUNY if you are interested. (Small room so email me if coming.)

I have shot some video of Carol. Here, MORE's Julie Cavanagh introduces Carol Burris at a GEM/Change the Stakes Teacher Evaluation forum in April 2012. In this segment Julie also reads a statement from Arthur Goldstein who couldn't attend due to a death in the family. (I will put up the other segments from this event in a separate post.)

GEM Teacher Evaluation Forum Carol Burris Statement from Grassroots Education Movement on Vimeo.

Here is my interview with Carol in her office at her school. I told her when I interviewed her last May, "I would come out of retirement to work for you."

HST Film Carol Burris from Grassroots Education Movement on Vimeo.

Burris' 2012 book, Opening the Common Core: How to Bring ALL Students to College and Career Readiness.


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