Thursday, April 25, 2013

UFT Election Returns, 11AM: Retirees 52% of Returns

Lowest Returns in Memory from Working, Highest Returns in History for Retirees as "Don't Give a Crap" is winning. Given retirees expected vote for Unity that reaches 90%, the outcome is clear as Mulgrew should get at least 20,000 out of the 22,454 votes.

As Jeff from the AAA gave us these numbers everyone from all the caucuses had a look of shock at the numbers. Could some of the drop of 10,000 people voting be due to a reduction in the amount of UFT teachers due to charter school and budget cut erosion?

These are serious questions for all caucuses. One quickie - as the high school votes fly by, the MOREs seem to be coming up much bigger than last time. Same with middle school, though still lower than the high schools compared to Unity.

2013                           2010
Elem: 7331                10,292
MS: 1879                    2881
Hs: 3808                     5203
Funct: 7704                10,629
Retirees: 22,454         24,978

Total returns: 43,138. In 2010 it was around 53,000 (someone check my math).

Retirees were approx 52% of the electorate this time. But even amongst retirees there was a small drop in returns though due to the election rigging by Unity raising their threshold vote rises from 18,000 to 23,000 this time each of their votes count as a full instead of a partial vote. So the return didn't even equal the new threshold.

We see the good and bad. Absolutelly allows open question on the influence of retirees. Even unity people seemed embarrassed.

Here's a question for Unity and New Action: How much good did it do to race around the city stuffing lit in the mail boxes? Especially Unity which hit glossy flyer after glossy flyer? Sure they will win but what was the cost per vote? Reminds me of Eva's charter school ad campaigns where she spends thousands of dollars for each recruit.

Pizza comes at noon.

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