Thursday, April 25, 2013

UFT Elections, 3PM: Middle and HS - MORE 160 votes behind Unity with 40% of HS Vote

Really pathetic totals for all but MORE did better in HS than ICE/TJC last time. Major drop for Unity from 2010. If New Action hadn't made the dirty deal with Unity the opposition

HS - Totals 3595 returned - 155 non slate still to be counted
MORE: 1430 - 40%
Unity: 1592 - 45%
New Action: 452 -- 13% [WHICH STILL GIVES THEM 3 HS EX BD SEATS]

In other words, New Action gets 3 HS EX BD with 452 votes.

MS Total 1786 returned with 83 non slate to be counted
MORE 398
NA 161
Unity 1185

MORE to come. I'm turning the computer over to James who will put up something on the ICE blog.

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