Thursday, April 25, 2013

Today is UFT Election Vote Count, Will "Don't Give a Crap" be the Winner?

DGAC has been the winner in the past. The UFT did make phone calls and send out email reminders to try to avoid the embarrassingly low returns from the past. If they can get out 35% of working members that will be a victory of sorts. Expect higher numbers of retirees to return their ballots.

I'm heading off as an observer to the AAA vote headquarters at the Holiday Inn at 440 W. 57th St. Ellen Fox and Joan Seedorf are joining me, as is James Eterno --- the UFT pays the DOE for one person from each caucus to be an official observer.

Votes are counted by divisions -- remember there were 4 different color ballots -- HS, MS, Elem, Functional -- the largest due to retirees, but all the non-teaching divisions are lumped in. Unity gets its highest percentages from here.

Mulgrew and the 10 New Action/Unity EB candidates will get the combined vote totals of Unity and New Action. Thus, whatever New Action gets is subtracted from the Unity totals. Thus last time Mulgrew got 92% while Unity got in the low 80s.

Why would someone vote against Unity but for Mulgrew? NA loyalists, people who don't really notice they endorsed Mulgrew -- ie the people who remember NA as the opposition and still think they are. NA always does better than the real opposition parties due to the old-time anti-Unity vote that hasn't been in touch with the New Action decade-old sellout.

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