Wednesday, April 10, 2013

MORE's New video

Thanks to a MORE high school teacher with a professional background for doing this.

Here is the MORE announcement.

The UFT ballots have arrived or will come in the next few days. Place an X in the MORE box if you believe in Positive Leadership of our UFT that will save public education from profit driven reform. If you believe the UFT should organize with parents and communities to serve the best interests of our students then you believe in MORE. It’s time for a new contract that improves our working conditions and our students’ learning conditions. Our students are not test scores, nor are they “common” or “standardized”. We will not sign on to policies that harm our children and turn teachers into test prep machines. Our schools are not businesses that should be closed. Educators need a strong union that stops the onslaught of paperwork and denial of tenure to good teachers. The UFT must protect our members from administrators who harass their staff each and everyday. Our students deserve smaller class sizes and better schools, a union led by MORE will fight day and night until our children get the education they deserve. Vote MORE- tell your colleagues to the same because every vote counts!

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