Saturday, April 13, 2013

Video: Gary Rubinstein Uses Data to Smash Teacher Data Reports, Introduced by Julie Cavanagh

Did you know that the always awesome Gary Rubinstein is running with MORE as an AFT/NYSUT Convention delegate?

In this video, Gary uses statistics to expose TDAs in a WOWSER performance. As Julie points out, Gary is another one of the amazing crew who have young kids at home, enforcing a  next-gen MORE theme: we are teachers and parents.

You should never miss Gary Rubinstein's Blog where, as a 20-year TFA alum he exposes so much of their propaganda that the people running that joint consider him a major threat since he attracts TFA readers. Gary will tell you right up front that it was the 20th Anniversary TFA event in Feb. 2011 where ed deform reigned that opened his eyes.

GEM had our own TFA spy, who is also running with MORE for Exec Bd,
there who blogged directly from that event -- click the tab at the top of this blog to read all her reports.

I'm sure it is due to the UFT role in the ed eval fiasco that turned Gary into a MORE supporter. Too bad we have little chance of winning as in a future world Gary could be at a next year's version of this weekend's NYSUT event our dues are paying for so he could explain to our city and state union leaders what a losing proposition Unity has signed onto.

Well, I'll let you watch Gary's videos I taped last April at the same event with Carol Burris and Leonie Haimson and others. This was Julie's last hurrah before going into last trimester hibernation. I'm sure Unity slugs expected her to be at the DA while delivering.

GEM/PAA/CSM Teacher Evaluation Forum: Gary Rubinstein from Grassroots Education Movement on Vimeo.

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