Monday, February 9, 2015

Warning - Sellout Coming

Sources say the unions during the meeting may have agreed to temporarily pull their attack ads...

This goes into the category of Mulgrew "threatening" to go to court to enforce the CFE lawsuit over state funding that was "won" 10 years ago. Threatening. Why not wait another 10 years to go to court? 
Cuomo puts outrageous demands on the table and the unions put nothing on the table. So they negotiate from where Cuomo started and even if they split the baby -- 4 year tenure instead of 5? 35% based on eval instead of 50%? It is  - as Fearless Forecaster often says -- a LOSS.

This is in the Daily News:
Shortly after unveiling ads last week attacking Gov. Cuomo's education plans, the heads of the city and state teacher unions met with aides to the governor, the Daily News has learned.
City teachers union President Michael Mulgrew and New York State United Teachers President Karen Magee attended the meeting on Friday at the state Capitol.

Sources say the unions during the meeting may have agreed to temporarily pull their attack ads, leaving some insiders to question whether the sides are trying to hammer out some type of agreement on how to move forward.

Reps for both unions wouldn't discuss the specifics of the meeting, though a NYSUT spokesman said that its "broad-based media campaign is moving forward, with more to come."

“We talk to elected officials all the time," said Mulgrew spokeswoman Alison Gendar. "We use strategically-placed ads to move the education discussion in the right direction. At this moment, the UFT and NYSUT, our parent organization, are engaged in the largest grass-roots campaign in recent memory to empower teachers and to protect our students.”

In a separate statement, NYSUT spokesman Carl Korn said that "we advocate for students and public education in many ways, including talking to elected officials."

"We have a strategy to use rotating television ads, billboards, print ads, social media and public forums to educate New Yorkers about the importance of protecting public education," he added. "Our grassroots campaign is accelerating. More forums are taking place next week. NYSUT's broad-based media campaign is moving forward, with more to come."

Neither Gendar nor Korn returned calls over the weekend for clarification on their statements.
Cuomo aides also wouldn't comment.

Cuomo has been warring with the unions, who did not back his reelection effort last year.

Vowing to break what he calls "one of the only remaining public monopolies," the governor this year proposed an education-reform package that would revamp the teacher tenure and evaluation programs, make it easier to fire bad and lecherous instructors, give the state more power to oversee the overhaul of failing schools and expand charter schools.

He also has accused the unions of being more interested in protecting their members than improving the situation for students.
The unions have accused him of trying to demonize teachers.


  1. What the hell?! Even if Cuomo's not impeached ( a very distinct possibility), there's no way his garbage is passing the state assembly. He wouldn't have even have met with them unless he's figuratively shitting his pants. Now is the time to step up the actions on Cuomo, not pull back. Perhaps there a quid pro quo going on that we are not aware of. I may disagree with Mulgrew 99% of the time, but he's not stupid. If he gives ATRs our own chapter, he'd have a lot of experienced, knowledgeable representatives advising him.

  2. I can the DA explanation now:

    "If you think about the reality for a second, four years is about about how long it takes to get tenure nowadays anyway"

    "They can't take your growth score. Besides, the plan all along was to go to 30% for state tests. This is only 5% more than that"

    "If we have a new tenure law, they have to dismiss the suit against the old law now don't they?"

    "This would have been much much worse had we not fought. Make no mistake. We won."

    "Regardless of what you read in the blawgs.....(fill in the blank)"

  3. In a separate statement, NYSUT spokesman Carl Korn said that "we advocate for students and public education in many ways, including talking to elected officials." I pay my dues to NYSUT to advocate for teachers.

  4. Thanks for everything you do, but I have a complaint. I often repost your writing on Facebook. Please change the pictures you attach to your articles and/or attach purposeful pics for each post.

    1. I wish I knew how to control which graphic appears - I think from the sidebar. I may put something generic up there.

  5. Is it too much to ask that we just wait and see what happens, versus making Chicken Little prognostications? Isn't this the same group who claimed our new contract spelled doom for ATR's, since they could, or would, be fired at will?

    Has that happened in the manner you all claimed it would? Better yet, has it happened at all?

    1. How nice to see Unity apologists showing up once again. What group? Ed Notes is not a group. If ATRs are being fired or forced to resign you wouldn't know it anyway since the union would cover it up.

    2. To Mr. Hughes,
      I know of no blogs that claimed that. What the blogs complained about was separate and unequal due process rights for ATRs and the blatant stereotyping and discrimination from our own union. There are lots of ATRs who have been forced placed and lots who are being targeted.

  6. Whoa! What makes you think that the UFT is pulling back? Just because we don't publish our complete strategy to the deformers does not mean we don't have one. There is no way that we will take this lying down. Stay tuned. Actions are being planned all over the city and the state.

    1. Double Whoa! When you've seen the same act for 5 decades we can predict the outcomes. Call me Clair - Voyant.

  7. Paula Washington is right---Mulgrew et al will not take it lying down--they will take it whilst bending over. Roseanne McCosh


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