Tuesday, February 10, 2015

UPDATED: Cuomo Evaluation Changes Primer 2015 Rev 2-4-15 No Call to Action

A couple of MORE chapter leaders put this flyer together and some people in the UFT sent it out to the schools. Now that's working together. Download it if you want to share with people in your school.

NOTE A CORRECTION: Developing is listed as causing a salary freeze but people have said that is not so. I have an updated pdf with that point deleted for those interested in sharing with colleagues. Email me.

But this came in this morning from a David Weiner 2013 memo:
Disciplinary Action/Termination: Rather than simply moving forward with disciplinary action based on a teacher’s “Ineffective” rating, the DOE will only pursue disciplinary action (3020-a) for teachers rated poorly if principals agree. It is also important to note that principals can use their autonomy to go in another direction and recommend teachers rated “Developing” for 3020-a.


  1. I was not aware that teachers rated "developing" have their salay steps frozen. That is a massive injustice.

    1. I believe that is in error - I put a note up on this post and removed that point until it is clarified.


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