Friday, February 20, 2015

Bob Braun: Why the Newark student sit-in really matters

From Bob Braun's Ledger

High School principal of the year Carol Burris calls for civil disobedience (Principal: ‘There comes a time when rules must be broken…. That time is now’) over testing and Newark students actually engage in civil disobedience and slam Cami Anderson in her own office. The fed-up factor with ed deform grows.

Bob Braun tells the Newark story:
Stories about the sit-in were published in France and by Al-Jazeera. Even The Star-Ledger, which often ignores what’s happening  to the children attending Newark schools, was forced to provide daily coverage—because, well, a sit-in is a sit-in and the DNA of a mainstream newspaper doesn’t allow a sit-in to be ignored just in case the authorities go crazy and heads are busted.

Newark: Why the student sit-in really matters

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