Sunday, February 1, 2015

Time for Massive Civics Lesson on March 4 to Counter Eva Lobby

...hundreds of school trips to Albany for a civics lesson. Let the press scream and holler while supporting Eva. Get teachers to take a personal day if their school doesn't go -- I mean thousands of teachers taking a personal day -- a legit reason too.

But de Blasio, from Boston, has deflated balls. Mulgrew doesn't even have to be from Boston to have deflated balls.

Eterno at the ICE blog:


If Eva Moskowitz can basically close her schools for an all day civics lesson (rally) up in Albany on March 4, why can't the supposedly progressive Mayor Bill de Blasio and all of the other so called pro-public school district leaders push for the same civics lesson for our kids and their parents on that day? 

A group of my students from Jamaica High School went with the NAACP to Albany to meet state lawmakers on an approved public school trip during the school day back in 2011.

How about a huge counterdemonstration-civics lesson for public education in Albany on March 4?

Instead, we have UFT members apparently jockeying for limited seats on lobby day buses headed for Albany the same day that Eva's masses will descend upon the seat of state government.  It looks like we are being outmaneuvered by the charter people again.

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