Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Beware of E4E Geeks Bearing Gifts for Chapter Leaders

Will Cullen - Don't drink the coffee
Educators for Excellence, the group funded by anti-teacher union pro ed deformer, is attempting to appear to be pro-union as it works to undermine tenure rules, promote high stakes testing, and charter schools. It is making a concerted attempt to reach out directly to chapter leaders and burrow beneath the UFT structure.

Will Cullen, Outreach Director of E4E in New York, sent the following to a chapter leader associated with MORE. E4E vets people to keep out spies but I suggest people go to these events and report back. E4E is as closed and undemocratic an organization as you can find - no outside their box thinking allowed - but this attempt to go right at the heart of the UFT in schools where Unity Caucus is weak is an escalation of their program. It seems E4E is pushing its people to run for chapter leader in the upcoming UFT chapter elections. MORE's March 14 CL training might even attract some E4Eers ---- they should come and see how a democratic organization operates -- they won't see that in E4E or the UFT/Unity operation.

E4E has reshaped its message to try to appeal to teachers and obviously because, despite its large budget and multi-full-time employees, it hasn't been getting very far in NYC or even LA - now their effort is in Minnesota. The "output" of their educational policy teams is pathetic.

And what has happened to the E4E budget -- only offering coffee? Hey Will, how about offering a sandwich? I'd meet you for something decent to eat.

Here is Will's linked-in profile:

Leadership Opportunity for [CL Name]

Hi xxxxxx,

I hope this email finds you well! My name is Will and I am an Outreach Director with Educators for Excellence, a non-profit that works to get teachers involved in the policy conversations that affect their classrooms. More specifically we have opportunities for teachers to write policy as well as advocate for those policies to elected officials and other stakeholders.

You can learn more about us by visiting our website:

I am reaching out to you because of your leadership at xxxxxx High School. We strongly believe in the power of union participation and currently have a series of events, trainings, and networking opportunities for existing chapter leaders across all five boroughs and for other teachers considering stepping up to become more involved in their chapter.

I would love to grab coffee to discuss further! I can meet wherever is most convenient for you.

Looking forward to touching base!


Will Cullen | Outreach Director
Educators 4 Excellence-New York
Tel (212) 279-8510 ext. 19 | Cell (732) 266-9158 | @willpcullen
333 West 39th Street, Suite 703, New York, NY 10018


  1. E$E are like cockroaches. Even after a nuclear bomb has been dropped they still live and prosper.

  2. Geeks Bearing Gifts? Norm, you are being far too kind: these are Fifth Columnist Freaks Bearing Gifts.

    Please don't insult geeks by comparing them to these clueless and/or deceptive proto-scabs.


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