Sunday, February 22, 2015

New Newsletter -- NYC High School Voice - Download and Share

I've been assisting in a new venture - an independent newsletter aimed at NYC high school teachers. The idea behind it is to offer a unique point of view that may not being expressed in some organized groups in the UFT.  Some people from MORE, some from ICE and some non-affiliated people are involved while still working in their group structures.

Three issues are envisioned for this school year. Below is issue 1.

My job is to be the mule - lay it out, help organize the solicitation and editing of articles, get it to the printer and deliver batches to distributors in as many high schools as we can get into -- and yes, folks, volunteers to put it in the school mailboxes are needed. There are around 450 high schools so you can help make this a slam dunk. Just email or email Or download below, make some copies and share. Or email a copy to your colleagues. If you do email us so we can check off your school.

Get it at:


  1. Is there anyway that you could make this document accessible for printing from another website for free? I don't subscribe to scribd.


  2. It is free but you'd have to join. Let's try it another way. Go to this link and try downloading it.
    Worst case email me and I'll send you the pdf.


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