Thursday, February 5, 2015

Principal to Jia Lee - Woman of the Year!!!

Subject:   Woman of the Year!!!
We have never met but I have seen you mentioned by my friend Norm Scott on his EdNotes blog.

I just watched the  video ( of your testimony in DC to the. Senate... Powerful, elegant, sincere and beautiful!
I was encouraged by the Senator from Rhode Island who summed up RTTT perfectly, none of the money came to the schools. And now Cuomo wants to duplicate it here in NY tying any funding increase to similar reforms .

Anyway, I was proud of you as both a veteran NYC educator and union man.  You are an amazing young woman.

We could use more like you!   Sadly, too many folks take their rights  benefits and profession for granted, as we watch reformers chip away at it all.

Thank you for speaking up and representing us so well,

Brian De Vale
P.S. 257 /
Council of Supervisors and Administrators
Community School. District  # 14

And here is a message from Brian to all of us:
We call these LI republican state senators and Assemblymen whose constituents have signed the petitions and tell them:

"you guys want to expand charters because you assume that it will only impact NYC. Well we work in NYC but live in your district. As charters explode because they offer extended day (day care) until 6pm many parents go and we lose money in our budgets. Our principals let people go, us, and we can't afford to live out here". 

Thousands of teachers in live in. Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties. They need to mobilize. We have shard this message with Sen. Martins, Flanagan,  Boyle and others.
My school has collected over 1000 signatures please email the petition around and ask folks to fax or deliver them to their local state Assemblymen/Senators:

We are against the Governor’s immoral attack on public school students and teachers.  SAY:
1.     NO increase in Charter schools.  There are already too many Charter Schools in New York City and there are 100 available spots for charters in the rest of the state.  Nobody is applying because they are not wanted.  Charters were meant to be a few lab sites around the state to establish best practices, NOT an alternative system of hundreds of schools.  Cuomo’s goal is to privatize the New York City public schools in order to break their unions.
2.    NO new Teacher Evaluation System.  New York State just passed a new evaluation system last year.  Students and teachers deserve stability.  Cuomo has become a tool of the billionaires and hedge funds who want  to lower their taxes through “education reform” policies.
3.    NO change to tenure.  Police officers and fire fighters remain on probation for 18 months.   Teachers are already on probation for 3 years.  Cuomo’s move is designed to cheat young people out of a pension and career by kicking them out before they can become permanent.


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  1. The current evaluation system is not something we should be fighting for. It has essentially ended tenure. Many of the administrators doing the evaluating are corrupt. We should be calling for a brand new evaluation system


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