Thursday, February 26, 2015

NYSAPE: Rolling Anti-Testing Billboards in Long Island

And great ads on TV from the New Jersey Teachers Association -- The kind of imagination or political theater you won't see from the UFT. You know why? Because they are not really opposed to testing other than to mouth a few words to try to keep their base confused.

From Patch --- Thanks to Joel, sitting by a pool in California --

Common Core Critics 'Roll' Message Across Long Island
Talk about taking your message to the streets.
A truck, wrapped with the message “More Teaching, Less Testing: Refuse the NYS Common Core Tests,” is making its way across Long Island.
The campaign is the message of NYSAPE, NYS Allies for Public Education, whose members reside across the state.
“We’re not anti-test or assessment,” said Lisa Rudley, a Briarcliff parent, who serves on the organization’s steering committee. “We’re for well-rounded classrooms.”
“Our mission is to stop the test-prep environment in the classroom and protect data privacy,” she added.
Tuesday was the mobile billboard’s second day on Long Island. From now into sometime in April, around the time of the state’s last standardized test, the truck will travel across Nassau on Tuesdays, and Suffolk County on Thursdays and Fridays, Rudley said.
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The group aims to take the campaign statewide, with traditional billboard ads going up in Syracuse, Kingston, Albany, and Amsterdam. The group raised nearly $10,700 through an Indiegogo campaign to fund the advertising. They are also looking into print advertising, Rudley said.
The idea for the truck ad came about as NYSAPE members sifted through various zoning laws and costs.
“The truck gives us more bang for the buck,” Rudley said.
The organization will also have a presence at St. Patrick Day parades in Rocky Point and Bay Shore, Rudley said.
On Long Island, the truck will travel across “the most high volume streets” near gyms, coffee shops and wherever else parents and grandparents gather, Rudley said.
Billboards on Wheels, the Ronkonkoma company handling the outdoor mobile advertising on Long Island, has been posting its route on Facebook. On Tuesday, the truck was in Port Washington, Glen Cove, Searingtown, Syosset, Plainview and elsewhere on the North Shore.
The effort seems to be gaining traction, at least on Facebook, where followers suggested the truck visit Babylon, Merrick, the East End and other destinations.
That momentum is good news to Rudley, who said the group might add another day on Long Island.
“We’re going to be fluid about it,” she said.
For Long Island NYSAPE forums featuring information and speakers, click here.

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