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NY Post Uses Story of Double-Dipping Principal Linda Hill to Take Shot at Farina While Leaving Bloomberg perpetrators off hook

Imagine if a teacher did what Linda Hill, who persecuted Francesco Portelos mercilessly, did --- double dipped and was caught red-handed! But just as important is the game the Post is playing here.

Read on!

Linda Hill channels Captain Queeg
I was at the hearing to hear Hill's bizarre - paranoid testimony against Portelos in which she accused him of racism and anti-semitism (she is black and Jewish). My hearing notes (below) have a bunch of references to her Captain Queeg moments where I expected her to start rolling steel balls. (SEE BOGART VIDEO:

If you read my unedited notes you will see some steel balls and Queeg references. She lied openly at times at the hearing -- which should have lead to her being brought up on charges on those issues alone. But none of the people who lie in their testimony against a teacher have anything to worry about when it comes to DOE legal. She claimed she had fear of Portelos -- his lawyer asked her if she did why didn't she ask for protection? Duh!

It's nice to see NY Post ed hitwoman Susan Edelman taking shots at principals instead of just teachers ( I remember Edelman doing a story on Portelos at the beginning of his troubles in March 2012 on the Sunday of our robotics tournament. Portelos was there as coach of his team and showed me the piece. I called Edelman up in outrage and told how come the Post wasn't taking a photo of him giving up his Sunday for the kids. She said she would send a photographer but never did.

Full disclosure - I've known Sue for many years as her aunt was my long-time next door neighbor. On the whole I like her, given she is from the Post. Her Sunday features expose corruption in the DOE.
"It pays to be the chancellor’s pet. Principal Linda Hill of IS 49 in Staten Island was caught red-handed ripping off taxpayers in 2013 — after years of double dipping into overtime funds. But Chancellor Carmen Fariña — Hill’s mentor when she became principal — has yet to discipline Hill or even require her to pay the money back. Hill admitted she collected simultaneous overtime on multiple occasions for attending IS 49’s School Leadership Team meetings and for supervising an after-school program."
What a crock. Hill did this under BloomCott and Portelos revealed this information publicly while Farina was retired taking care of her grandkids.

But we know why this story was published -- another chance for the Post to take a shot at Farina and de Blasio. Fact is Hill comes out of the Bloomberg admin and everyone knows she was not capable of running that school --- sources from top levels confirms that -- and to blame only Farina for protecting Hill for many years is a major distortion of reality. Sue plays the Post political agenda to keep her job.

And the NY Post sent a hitman reporter and photographer to the first morning of the hearing to write an anti-Portelos story (More mischief from ‘rubber room’ teacher) based on the DOE Legal opening statement alone -- see my report: Portelos Hearing: NY Post Reporter Reuven Fenton C..Commits Journalistic Malpractice..
Here are more reports of those early hearing days.
My Hearing notes Sept. 23 and Sept 30, 2013
Notes on Hill testimony at Portelos hearing - you'll have to decipher them - Portelos has the transcript. (I didn't have my computer on Sept 12). My comments in brackets and bold.

DOE legal is the awful Jordanna Schenkman.
Portelos rep is the great NYSUT lawyer Chris Callagy.
Hill is on the stand.
DOE: Portelos show up at the school. Serves no purpose other than intimidating presence. Not allowed to be present at the school but goes there.
Email to staff members at school – 3000 pages of email in fed case.
Attempted to influence the witnesses. Resist and document the request. Do not speak to any investigators.
Potential witnesses Won’t come in and testify due to fear of Portelos.
Chris: [wish I had a] Nickel for doe intimidation witnesses.
Linda Hill sends emails to staff
Port email – no ref made to this proceeding.
Don’t speak for the UFT – people need not speak to investigators – as CL he is conveying info to staff (that elected him).
As for being at the school – he is the union leader. Elected by his peers. When he is at his school – presence of a CL is intimidating. What would require him not to stand outside his school and has obligations to respond to their concerns.
For dOe to say he can’t be present outside his school.
Agree not to refer to anything that goes on in this case.
DOE: Hands email to HO.
Been instructed several times not to appear at the school.
Not to conduct meetings or business at the school.
At another location – expected to show up and do work.
HO: This is a distraction – our business is to hear evidence. Other proceeding going on and that is not part of this.
No position on whether he can go to school etc.
No intimidation of witnesses.
No authority to pub to prevent dissemination of info.
Linda Hill Cross Exam:
March 27, 2012 began taking notes.
C: P came to school needed to fill sci tchr vac. Diff to find sci tchr.
L: he had the lic I needed. Resident of area – not imp he was a resident.
A few yrs into knowing him – formed opinion positive – recomm him for lead program that trains tchrs for lead prog for supervisor. 3 tchr asked for reco – she reco him. He was considering becoming an admin.
Her letter of reco submitted as evidence. DATE? June 2011 – any policy on Aps sub lttrs of reco.
“Nature of his work ethic --- Oct 21 2011 – FP worked tirelessly etc dedicated and hard working. Ded to the school. Often staid late on weekdays and weekends to ensure a quality lab. Reco him for program.
When she testified she began to be concerned about him earlier in 2011 --- contradicted by letter.  Her concerns not so significant as to prevent her from reco him in oct 2011 for admin program.
Who is the CL in your school?
H: We have no CL.
C: vacancy for CL –
H: no one in my school who goes to.
Arbit ruled in favor of CL – she was told by lawyers for DOE after he won arbit that she was not to
Aware he was elected CL before brought up on charges and even not in building was elected.
DOE: Once brought up on charges he ceases to be CL. [DOE OVERULES UNION ELECTION --- What is position of union? Says he is CL.]
C: union delegate – elected in 2011- In order for unionized workers to have union rights they have to communicate with elected leaders. Do you think admins should not interfere in union activities – L: Unless it affects tone – MY BUILDING.
Fellow union members have right to discuss. Free to elect who they want – if u were to do so u would be violating the law.
Did you not repeatedly engage in discussion with your staff about matters that came up in your school re union matters – didn’t u discuss with them repeatedly about matters – u discussed Mr. P with Candia and Abromovitz. L: Yes I did. Not union related. L: No C: candia being unseated by P – did u discuss union elections?
Abrom asked Mulgrew: what do you do to get rid of horrible princ?
Port – wrote an email to her outing Abrom.
Were you aware that Candia and Abrom were actively leading the staff against her leadership.
School lead team: law requires it. H; Parents, school people.
One of fund req of law – seek input in form of CEP. Hadn’t had CEP vetted thru SLD when Port was on – Dec. 2011 – issue came up from Portelos – from SLT – did she seek their input before filing? Should address areas of need in school. 9 out of 10 members were the same.
What input did u receive from SLT – not much. Rolled over for current year except for P being new to SLT.
P raised concern about not being vetted. When ment – H: before Jan meeting,
You were upset P had questioned her – H: not at all. What was your reaction? She said she would do it. No diff from draft to final – Draft was due in Dec 2011 – final in May 2012.
C: alleged false allegations agst her. What was basis for P complaints?
Are there outstanding investigations alleg agst your conduct.
C: alleg you are double dipping resolved? H: No.
Complaint P made agst her – DD.
IS it misconduct for subord to not people about alleg.? H: NO
Right or obligation of subord to bring issue to outside agencies.
H: Yes.
C: You would;t hold that agst someone for doing that?
You said his false alleg was having neg impact on the school.
You were angry – were you angry?
Did his alleg/behavior polarized the school?
[Capt Queeg steel balls]
Colors – blue for support of him.
You did discuss with Candia – if CL comes to complain what did u do to protect his rights.
Using school prop to sell real estate during school hours.
Did u do anything to speak w P after that?
Hill complaints to OEO – April 4, 2012
How become member of SLT – teachers elect members
Would it be wrong for you to file a complaint that is not true?
OEO—did u file an email to Ex Dir of OEO asking them to investigate – claiming P discriminated agst her and Abrom – does that sound kosher to u? Plus quote from MLK.
U had formed impression reflected anti-semitism and racism.
March 22, 2012 email to parent on SLT –
Who is Laury Wood? PTA Pres.
Did u tell Mr. P? No. Why not?  Records everything.
OEO doesn’t think so. She does think it was.
Uses the word kosher in ref to a Jewish teacher.
C: She made up a case of discrimin – retaliatory.
What about the MLK quote speaks racism. [HILL IS JEWISH AND BLACK AS WELL].
She first heard of P complaint agst her in Mar/Apr and then filed OEO complt April 4.
Did Ms Obram know u made this request?
Complains Mr. P has been har us for 2 months. Who’s us? Schl comm, parents, teachers etc.
Tchr reps on Slt are elected by fellow teachers --
Did u file SEI complts – use of schl eq selling real estate on school time – told by Candia.
Dr. Candia said he recorded everything and plays it for us.
Was he still CL? Don’t remember.
NY Post report on missing cell phone.
Glory hound, promote himself at school expense. When was that? Incident using tech to locate cell phone. Used an app to retrieve the phone – first time in projects. Not right. She was emb by story.  That article brought neg lite on school – in struggling neigh didn’t need that.
Did your opinion re P change after that.
Were u concerned P was going to lead a move to have u removed as principal? NO
No direct to staff not to record.
Test that P attitude changed when didn’t get lead tech pos – at same time he became a father.
Did not do as much volun work as before – did it occur to u that as a new father he wanted to spend time with family ---
A week before he stopped he said he would vol to do work and then stopped.
Spring 2012 – did he reach out to you re privacy of web site to her and Supt Claudio? No.
March 8, 2012 – viol copa laws – problem with site. Child under 13. Privacy concerns.
Go to web site – blast across page.
Did u take any action? She contacted a number of people.  Dept of ed, google etc. Told not a viol of laws – when I thought web site belonged to me and not P. Did not know he owned the web site.
He paid money which he never told me. Did u every pay money? No. What made u think u own it? I’m princ.
Did u ever do anything re web site?
U were aware he was admin of site? Ok with u.
U did go in in middle of the nite and cancel P access to light. Someone complained.
Suspended his account. P went in and reconnected himself.
Prob w P sending out mass emails.
P sent it to UFT members not to everyone in school – doesn’t he have right to send it to UFT members. {NO all – one resigned} – folder UFT – 2nd mass email in contravention of her orders. 
Why didn’t u remove the name of the resigned teacher –[USE THAT ONE EXAMPLE TO CHARGE WITH INSUBORD]
In the middle of the night because a resigned person was privy to an email u removed Port from admin. – how do you know resigned tchr was no longer a member of UFT --- Doesn’t know.
Email from Candia – u knew it pertained to an arg at a union meeting – did u change anyone else’s action – did Candia retain access? Yes.
Divisive by Port – teachers who came to protest about Port – did u find any of them to be divisive. He was elected as Del, CL – were those complaints divisive – what did u do in regards to their divisive complaints? Did nothing.
P became incr threat to the schl community – did u call the police? Some did not him.
Since didn’t present bodily harm – contemplated it – harm he posed to my school was threatening. Pandora’s box, Stage 4. Do u see his standing outside your school as a threat? Staff calling me up – Asst Princ – other teachers – which tchrs – Abrom – out there for no reasons.
Have any tchrs expressed support for P? Do u encour open comm bet staff?
Para got up in middle of class and said I support P?
Do u think he is a terrorist threat? Mass murderer? Yes -- Hyper, considers him irrational but didn’t call the police?
Had u consid the impact on P on her view of him? No. Is that job of principal? Yes.
Do u feel it is all his fault? Do you take some respon for breakdown in comm? No.
Children were videotaped – an AP engaged in some sort of phys contact bet AP and child.
Chanc regs – may not videotape children.
If member of your staff saw something inapprop – would u want them to record it. Child’s father came to school – upset having child videotaped.
Why check his blog? Want to see what he is saying about me.
Aren’t u concerned about your own rep? No. Just the school. P has said many things about me.
Are you aware of any recall efforts to recall P as CL. Water cooler.
How that ended? No. Obviously not recalled.
HO: How many teachers in school – 50-60 teachers plus paras – closer to 90.
Never out anything neg in writing on P prior to Jan. 26, 2012?
Are tchrs free to leave schl during lunch? Yes – as long as sign out.
Directive telling staff they can’t go on certain sites during lunch? NO.
Substantiated in SEI report.
HO: No prohib in using comp to order clothing? No
Staying after 5:30 – came to your office at 6PM – and u wouldn’t speak to him. He never contacted me to ask --- u never waited to hear explanation.
When he knocked on door u felt threatened? Yes.
HO: startled, taped – would u normally open the door to another teacher? Won’t say.
[Capt Queeg]
Did he try to speak to u? Yes – I said know and asked him to leave.
Then u took further step to check video to leave thru main door.
At this point do you think u were in a tit for tat battle with P?
HO: He was working in building.
If he came to office at 5:29 would u  have answered the door?
When u did your review of videotape did u notice anyone else leaving the building?
Did u look at 5:30 on to see if anyone else left building illegally? No.
P: informed u he had license as realtor? Did u know he used his example as realtor to teach kids?
U never told him not to do anything on lunch hour?
Notice in teacher lounge --- about an apartment to rent
Did u know that only way to charge teacher is by princ auth? No. [C shakes head]
Do you believe making someone uncomfortable is grounds for charges?
Increased abs – blame P.
Tchrs need to collab w each other – not.
What efforts did u make to bridge that gap? I made a plea to staff to not be divisive.
Disc/arg with Candia/Abrom with P. They complained. Did u listen to tape recording – before profanity – did u know that Abrom called P a fucking idiot. If P responded to her his response – [letter in file] – she never told u she said that. Did Candia ever tell u that?
When UFT members CL and Del – are having a convo re matters related to school – that is none of your bus – I know he acted in unprof manner by calling her a fuck – when she didn’t say anything to you.
Why didn’t u say – your concern?
[DOE UNRAVELLING – Lawyer looks sick]
[clear she is lying]
[she test in direct he “knocked” papers out of her hand]
Unprof for 3 union members to have raised voices? No. But unprof to use profanity in the school.
P communicated to parent about summer school. Email to parent wo permission or authority? Spec 36 – is that required? Not cert to teach. HR confirmed there was a valid sub license.
Did u speak to parent? Did u tell parent tchr was not cert in lic area? Lost lic bec didn’t fill out one paper? I’m not going to discuss tchr – is that tchr a pro or anti P – she was engaged/married to Dr. Candia.
Fear from tchr about tchr lounge being filmed or recorded. Did u ask for it to be checked out? Yes. Never found a camera. Cameras easy to put camera? You assumed tchr lounge is under P surveillance [PAINTING HER AS PARANOIC]
Diane ???? Heard P was going to videotape what is going on in tchr lounge.
Meeting Valentines Day Feb 14 2012 --- You indicated P was looking into your time records. Her awareness P was looking into her time records. [She test didn’t find out until Mar/Apr]
Had invest up to the kazoo in her office.
If u didn’t file this complaint u would have had more time ----
Factor into thinking he was parent too in comm add to tch, cl, etc?
Direct – u said someone communicated to you that you should communicate better with staff. No recollection.
Internet acceptable use policy: would it apply to admin. Bottom p 1 – monitoring and policy – all users have no right to privacy when using internet. No one would have an expectation for privacy – does not apply to Dreyfus 49? Does it apply to her school? Not sure. If you’re not sure is it safe to assume staff not sure?
About her timeline
P removed Apr 26 – month later than Mar 27th 2012—began
P: email to Hill – contract allows commun of members. Doesn’t UFT have use of computers in your school? Doesn’t the UFT have use? If Dr. Candia wanted to let tchrs know about  union meeting. He asked her permission [when allowed anyway].
HO- if UFT rep wanted to set up discipline – would be paper –[tech school].
Email from P to Supt Claudio Erminia ---
Letters of reco as of Oct. 11, 2011 – did your attit change? Yes.
2 years of issues? Yes.
Nature of rel w P? deteriorated significanctly.
Would u recog as admin today? As teacher today? Brings an element of distrust, conduct, unethical. Does not rep noble prof of teaching in a moral way. [makes them line up to leave].
Union chair – entitled to that – not an issue for this 3020a. Did u make the decision or did somebody else tell you from the DOE? Does the DOE consider P CL 00 what dept? Legal told u.
[what is UFT doing about it?]
Who handles union issues in school? Delegate Cheryl ???????.
Does it go against DOE to make allegations in bad faith? Unethical not
How does making bad faith complaints affect the school? Detrimentally. Mistrust. How does it affect staff when super accused of touching child inapprop or sexual harass?
How many P complaints? Have u ever had another staff member make as many complaints?
C: was union rep.
What is your resp if there is conflict? ie – showing real estate on school comp to other tchrs?
Call it in to SEI.
Right to rep comes up when investigator shows up.
What r u supposed to do when parent raises issue – call it in. Advice of DOE field lawyer – call it in.
I’ll be damned if I’ll let a woman like Abrom get in my way?
HO: Quest about best and brightest – first 3 or 4 years. Later had mixed groups.
Perceived power play by P relative to other tech tchrs.
Other tech tchrs: Stem lab no longer – turned to desktop comp – other 3 teachers had the same – 30 desktops. Any diff bet what they taught. He taught photoshop – Sara Blanchard, Matthew Valia, Michael Roscocone, Stephen Filatrio, Francesco Portelos.
When did u become aware he owned web site – when he took her off.
Who went to police – candia and AP. Other staff members fear: Abrom, Blanchard, Rosocone, others upset? Crying? How many staff members did you personally see got upset – things he had written about them --- all 4 Aps – when he posted their signs – one has to go see psychiatrist. Field atty assigned to network. Union legal. DOE legal. [WHOLE LOT OF LEGAL]
Define irrational – don’t know what he’s going to do next – couldn’t read – [maybe her inability to read is issue]
Unpredictable behavior – how important is safety of students and staff? OBJECTION.
Leading: menacing staff member – misconduct.
False info – sending to parent – viol of duties? Yes.
Princ need to trust staff? Need to build trust. Coop [HOW DOES HER BEHAVIOR VIOL TRUST?]
When did you start prepping for this 3020a hearing with me? Couple of weeks.
When did u decide on 3020a? When did field attny tell u to prep for charges?
He was removed Apr 26, 2012.
A number of complaints P filed have neg impact on school. H: Should not complain and then blog about it.
When u accuse staff of wrongdoing can have a neg impact on school comun. – Possible
Did u ever have a griev filed against you in school – complaints about other people – YES. More than one. 5 or 6.
Obligations to file complts – if tchrs have know req to file.
Aliens from space would u call in complaint.
Did P tell you he videotaped tchr lounge? Not in building at time.
Every parent complt – are u required to call into SCI?
Do you know how Ms Abrom found out – did u tell her?
Did u think of referring P for medical exam if u thought he was irrational since u have power to do so? He was out of our building. Do u think time spent looking at his blog etc u could have penned a note to med div.
HO:  P stayed after 5:30 – did u ever discover someone else? No.
P upset when found out through email he didn’t get the job.
Over summer. Did he lead u to think he was upset. Wanted to be the lead tech. Who gets the keys to the server? Did u ever have a face to face discussion – whole tech dept. Was there anything in the emails that made u think to have a one on one discussion with him. That seemed to be the point the rel deteriorated.


  1. I agree with you re The NY Post's Agenda. But the fact is the Post wouldn't be able to link Farina or the mayor to the Hill scandal if they had taken a hard line with Hill----publicly called her out on her malfeasance, fired her and assured the public they would not tolerate incompetent, thieving administrators. The mayor and the chancellor have no one to blame but themselves and their inaction. Roseanne McCosh

  2. Agreed. We all know, and the dates in the article show, that Bloomberg/Klein/Walcott were just as guilty. What you all do not know is the countless emails sent to the current chancellor, mayor and even deputy mayor about this.

    Some more details are posted and are coming on my site. We are just getting started...


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