Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Cost of Stupid: Families for Excellent Schools Totally Bogus Analysis of NYC Schools

Capital NY reported today: Families for Excellent Schools will hold a press conference calling for state takeover of 40 of the city’s failing schools.
I emailed them:
Check out Bruce Baker piece exposing their analysis as a sham - and please include a link. To only "report" on their press conference based on bogus, politically motivated "data" is only partial reporting.

The Cost of Stupid: Families for Excellent Schools Totally Bogus Analysis of NYC Schools

Families for Excellent Schools of New York – the Don’t Steal Possible folks – has just released an impossibly stupid analysis in which they claim that New York City is simply throwing money at failure. Spending double on failing schools what they do on totally awesome ones (if they really have any awesome ones). A link to their press release is here:
And what is their astounding new evidence that validates that NYC is stealing possible by throwing money at failing schools? Well, they ever so carefully identified the 50 worst and 50 totally awesomest schools in the city, and then took the average of their per pupil budgets to show that the worst schools are substantially outspending the awesomest ones. Thus – money doesn’t matter- especially when in the hands of schools under the governance of their nemesis Mayor BDB and his possible-thieving lackeys.
Oh, where to even begin on this analysis. Let’s peel it all back a little, one layer at a time. Let’s begin with the fact that New York City a while back, under their favored Mayor Bloomberg, adopted something called Fair Student Funding
Read it in full as a perfect example of how political astro-turf groups like FES use phony data to cover their real intentions to degrade the public schools and promote charters and other privatization schemes.

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  1. Families for excellent schools are deliberately lying on the mayor. They need to get real and speak the truth. They are helping themselves, not the kids. If a child does not fit into thier educational model, they are rejected. So I won't ever support them.


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