Sunday, February 1, 2015

Video Highlights - Rockaway Theatre Company: Seussical The Musical, Jr.

The  RTC has a wonderful Saturday program for kids and teens. They put on 2 shows - one for kids 12 and under (Seussical Jr.) and another - coming in late February for the 13-19 crew (Legally Blonde, Jr). The program starts in September and culminates with these shows. RTC provides such high level instruction in the total theater experience, parents bring their kids from Brooklyn, other parts of Queens and even from Long Island.

I mean TOTAL theater -- every aspect of the theater you'd see if you were involved in a Broadway production.

Over the years we've seen many of these kids "graduate" to the next level -- young 'uns to teens to big adult stage -- I've been in shows with some of these current teen group - and have watched teens turn into 20-something actors, singers and dancers.

I saw the show Friday night and Saturday afternoon -- 54 kids 12 and and under in the show - they had so much talent there are two sets of casts playing the leads. I taped cast 1 for this weekend. The theater was full of excited family members and most performances are sold out.

Above is a brief video taste of the show followed by some stills I took.

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