Saturday, February 21, 2015

Malcolm X at Brooklyn College

There was a buzz around the campus of Brooklyn College. I can't remember if it was 1963 or 1964. Malcolm X was coming to speak. Brooklyn College had the largest Jewish student body in the world - some say 90% - thus one would expect his reception would be good. There was a buzz about his record of militant inflammatory speeches - and some concerns about anti-semitism.

The standing room only crowd in the largest venue on campus was wary, expecting an angry, militant laden speech. But from his first words he was full of charm and humor and logic and made so much sense. He won over the crowd in an instant. I was not a political being but seeing him speak in person was an unforgettable experience.

I became a fan and his message resonated.
His assassination probably affected me more than that of Martin Luther King.

Here is a link to speeches.

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