Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Public School Teacher Wants to Take Class on March 4 Field Trip to Albany for Civics Lesson on How Govt "Works"

Help this teacher sell this class trip. Send me lesson plans related to how to teach your kids what scum Eva and crew are.
Norm, just stumbled upon you.  I tried selling our BOE on the same idea that I just read on your blog (Time for Massive Civics Lesson on March 4).  Super didn't know if we could do that with our public school buses. I teach Elem.Spec.Ed.- do you know if there are any generic "field trip civics lesson plans" out there to expedite my push to make this legit?  People won't get off their asses and take action; all we get is "write your legislators".  Actions speak.
I proposed this weeks ago right after Eva announced she was closing schools on UFT lobby day, March 4, to take them up to Albany. Why not get hundreds of NYC classes to take a field trip to Albany for a civics lesson on how public money can be misused to get away with just about anything. Note how the teacher gets it about the business as usual without imagination UFT plan. Even though March 4 is the day after my 70th birthday I would go along just to get video of a lone teacher making a stand.

My response included a plea to the UFT for funding a bus.
It would be great to give this a shot.
Why not try uft for help and maybe funding?
Even do a press release - lone nyc teacher stands up to Moskowitz juggernaut.
As for a lesson plan I'd be glad to brainstorm some ideas.
Teach children about the issue.
Public fundraiser?
You would set an example. Exciting idea if you can pull it off.
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I had exactly the same experiences on my 2 or 3 trips to Albany in the mid-90s before I stopped going-- really, they have done the same exact thing year after year - which is why Eva can run rings around them.

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