Saturday, January 31, 2015

Amended: Eva Moskowitz to Offer Space on Her Buses as UFT Limits Participation on Mar 4 Lobby Day - (satire alert)

UFT is so excited about lobby day this year that they only have places for 15 Queens high school teachers. Odd way to handle crisis. 

Twice last year I went to Albany on my own time & $ to attend @nysut rallies but now no space on the bus? I signed up but DR said I may not be included because they want people who haven't gone before. Hmmm
Tweets from chapter leaders in response to Ed Notes post:

Time for De Blasio to Close the Entire Public School System on March 4 for UFT Lobby Day

Eva Moskowitz, with more money than the UFT, will offer any teacher wanting to go to Albany to lobby on March 4 but who was turned down by the UFT seats on HER buses. Asked why, given they are going to lobby against her, she responded, "Makes no difference. Cuomo - with us. Skelos - with us. That's 2 of the 3 men in the room and the other one is in cuffs. And after all, the UFT has its own co-located charter school in a public school building and we are lobbying for them too - so why not have teachers along to support their union on the issue of the UFT charter, which one day may face demands it be closed? I'd be sorry. Having them around is one of the best weapons we have to make our point."

Let me get out of satire mode and get real --- hundreds of school trips to Albany for a civics lesson. Let the press scream and holler while supporting Eva. Get teachers to take a personal day if their school doesn't go -- I mean thousands of teachers taking a personal day -- a legit reason too.

But de Blasio, from Boston, has deflated balls. Mulgrew doesn't even have to be from Boston to have deflated balls.

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