Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Join CEC 1 and MORE to Say “No” to Success Academy This Thursday!

Yesterday I said The Fat Lady Has Sung -- WHAT CHARTER GROUPS WANT IN 2015 but that doesn't mean we give up fighting the charter slug invasion.

When we were still GEM from 2009-2012 we were engaged in the battle against charters while we heard barely a peep from the UFT. We joined with Lisa Donlan and others on the Lower East Side to fight Girls Prep, which is funded and managed by some of the very same people involved with Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy. They pull every trick in the book - this hearing is about their bait and switch tactics - getting approval for one district and switching to another. With de Blasio being trumped and backed into a corner by the charter lobby and Cuomo and with the UFT defanged, in part due to its own charter occupying space in a co-located public school, it is left for people in groups like MORE to take action in support of the Community Education Councils, in this case CEC 1. It will be cold out there (and I will be coming from the Peter Zucker 3020a hearing) so we have to make our own heat.

Read Mindy Rosier's great piece on her own experience in Harlem fighting the Eva expansion in her own school building: The “Evil” MORE Must Fight.   Mindy has an extended version of this at: http://crooksandliars.com/2014/12/evil-we-must-fight-0
It was due to Eva that MORE has found a great organizer and activist in Mindy.


We have almost 2300 signatures on our petition with more coming in.
Now we need to stand strong and turn out for the hearing to let SACS, SUNY, and the DoE know that District One is strong, District One is united, and District One says NO THANKS!

Public speaker sign in starts at 5:30. Hearing begins at 6pm. 

  • If you are interested in childcare, please RSVP by Wednesday at 5pm so that we can make sure we have enough staff

  • Sign making is scheduled for this afternoon from 3:30 – 5pm at PS 20 in the District Office & Thursday at 5pm before the hearing at PS 20. All are invited to join!

  • We are asking people to submit quotes for the press release and to come speak at the press conference at 5pm on Thursday. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested.

See you on Thursday!

Community Education Council for District 1 (CEC1)
2013-2015 Members:
Lisa Donlan/Arnette Scott/Daniel Becker
Moses Seuram/Marco Battistella/Latesha Moore
Olivia Rychter/Fatima Baba/Luke Henry
Stephanie Thompson
PS 20 Anna Silver School
166 Essex Street
New York, NY 10002

Join MORE to Say “No” to Success Academy This Thursday!

January 5, 2015 — 1 Comment

This Thursday, January 8th, there will be a Public Hearing on Success Academy in District 1 at P.S.20 Anna Silver School, located a 166 Essex Street in lower Manhattan. 
We need to let our voices be heard!
Join us in telling Success Academy CEOs and decision-makers that It is not acceptable for our public schools to be invaded by an entity that…
-does not educate “all” as they claim
-steals resources, and
-misinforms the media and the general public. 
If space is not found within a school, we, as tax payers. should not have to fund their rent and we certainly should not have to fund their renovations. 
This needs to stop, and we need you to be part of it! 
Here’s what you can do…
Please RSVP on this invite and sign up for public comment at 5:30 on Thursday night at the hearing.
Print out and hand out our pamphlet on The Truth About Charters.
Also, take a moment to sign and share this petition on there being no need for Success Academy in D1.
MORE will see you there!
See our fliers here- please print and distribute

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