Thursday, January 29, 2015

UPDATE - PEP Delays Vote -- Leticia James Slams Tonight CO-Loco Vote at PEP - Calls for Postponement

Some people think things have changed in the DOE since Bloomberg. Maybe not all that much.

UPDATE - Well, maybe they have changed --- somewhat. We'll see for sure next month. We know one thing about Eva -- it is about expanding and forcing other schools out until there is no more co-location and she owns the building entirely. If the DOE were to co-locate into a building she solely occupied she would go ballistic.

Chalkbeat reports:

Votes on four charter space proposals delayed as FariƱa cites need for more input

Statement from Public Advocate Letitia James on Upcoming Co-location Vote

(New York, NY)— Today, January 29, 2015, Panel for Education Policy “PEP” members will vote on six co-location proposals put forth by the Department of Education without the proper tools necessary to assess whether or not the buildings have adequate space to accommodate a new school. New York City Public Advocate Letitia James stated the following:

“I am deeply concerned about this upcoming vote because we are still not in possession of an accurate ‘Blue Book’. Without the appropriate metrics and understand of space considerations, how can we expect PEP members to vote on such important proposals? Past changes made to the Blue Book have not been sufficient or substantive— they do not reflect the conditions in our schools.”

“The current instructional footprint and Blue Book capacity figures fail to provide sufficient space allocations for students, especially for high-needs students who require additional support and services— students with disabilities, English language learners, students in temporary housing, students living in poverty, as well as students with various challenging social, emotional and learning-related conditions.”

“To that end, it is virtually impossible to respond today’s school planning needs with outdated numbers. I am calling on tonight’s vote to be postponed until we have more clarity from the Department of Education and an updated Blue Book.”


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