Thursday, January 1, 2015

Peter Goodman Paves the Way for Union Cave-in to Cuomo - UPDATED

Here are links to other bloggers on the Goodman piece:

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NYC Educator: No One Pushes UFT Unity, and UFT Unity Falls Down Anyway

 I left this comment:
The UFT/NYSUT people will make their high salaries as long as the union exists. That is why they want that little stool at the Democratic table no matter how much crow they have to eat -- the Dems are different than the Republicans in that they want to keep the union structure so they can use it to control the members from militancy which they do very well - ala the Goodman post. Thus calls to get rid of agency shop would so harm Unity and the UFT that I would bet Cuomo would fight to keep that because he knows in the long run they will always come around.
Mindy Rosier at anti-Cuomo rally
We'd extracted a promise that NY Governor Andrew Cuomo would delay Common Core-related junk science while rating teachers, and he simply broke it. Screw teachers, screw NYSUT, and screw Randi Weingarten, says Governor Andy... NYC Educator

Now NYSUT is coming out against Cuomo.  Really! It was never Cuomo's intention to support this bill.  The proposition was only made to get an endorsement or to prevent a Teachout endorsement.  And NYSUT/UFT/AFT leadership fell for the trick.  Instead of whining now about this bill that we all knew he would veto, how about working to block a statewide APPR?...Beth Domino, Stronger Together - NYSUT PROTESTS OUTSIDE GOVERNOR'S MANSION BUT AN OPPOSITION NYSUT LEADER WANTS A STRONGER FIGHT.., ICEUFT Blog

As a history teacher I’m reminded of “Going to Canossa (“Canossa” refers to an act of penance or submission), Henry IV, the Holy Roman Emperor, dressed in “sackcloth and ashes, humbled himself in the snow outside of the castle of Pope Gregory seeking absolution from the threat of excommunication. Henry retained his throne.... Charter school quotas and the teacher the evaluation system are negotiable, and, the core issues are the Gap Elimination Adjustment and the property tax cap, the union has to seek absolution from Pope Andrew and move on to resolve the core issues..... Peter Goodman,

Michael Mulgrew as Henry IV, wearing sackcloth and ashes kneeling in the smow at Cuomo's mansion would make a perfect meme for the union. Any photoshoppers out there?

Goodman is like an advanced scout for UFT/Unity leadership thought process. How are they going to get out of THIS mess?

Goodman criticizes even the tepid union response to Cuomo thugism:
I mentioned to a teacher activist to expect “consequences” if the local endorsed Teachout. He thought Cuomo “would understand.” Politics is a blood sport. When your guy/gal wins you expect them to support your issues and when your guy/gal loses you can expect the winner to seek retribution. A deeply embedded political aphorism: screw with me and I screw with you. Maybe you didn’t learn this in your civics class and maybe you’re willing to take the heat and continue to battle and maybe you’re simply an idealist.
Funny how the UFT didn't endorse de Blasio in the primaries and he didn't seek retribution. But he's a mensh compared to the slimebag. Goodman represents the general thinking in the UFT for the past 50 years - no spine. But Goodman's job is to diss the idea of militancy, the kind that Beth Domino and Stronger Together espouse (OPEN LETTER TO CHANCELLOR TISCH).



Anonymous said...

When Andy, Randi and Mikey finish off public education, they can build a bonfire and burn off the remaining books.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this "attack" on teachers is just a deflection away from the protests and the tragic killing of the police officers. Easier to go after teachers then to address the income inequality, racism, and lack of care for the mentally ill. A history of donations from wealthy donors, closing mental health facilities... Pick a loud fight with teachers!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the UFT could be sued by any teacher who is terminated? There seems to be a lot of proof that they aren't doing their job of protecting their membership.