Friday, January 9, 2015

Is Eva Success Academy Charter Withdrawals Due to Staffing Issues?

Is Eva having trouble staffing up her schools for next year? She sent emails to recruit teachers as far away as CT and NJ...  Leonie Haimson
The height of ed deform coincided with one of the most severe recessions in history - akin in some ways to the 30s when Phds had to teach in NYC schools. TFA and charters had droves of applicants and replacement parts in spite of the high staff turnover rates.

Eva's goal for 100 schools and a school system of her own nested inside the NYC school system, clearly faces problems in getting teachers to work at her schools for long periods of time. Turnover is high. At some point one of their unregulated and unlicensed people will do something so dumb as to get lots of press and scrutiny. It is inevitable. She knows how disastrous that would be and she is smart enough to try to assure some quality control - not as educators but in finding people who are sane - not so easy - I can tell some stories of people I saw working over the years.

Now that the economy is improving and the word is also out so publicly that there is an assault on teacher rights and their job securities - anti-tenure law suits, Cuomo-like attacks, etc from all over the place -- the teacher as enemy.

Are the chickens coming home to roost?

Postscript: I will have video up from last night's Anti-Eva forum on the Lower East Side.

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Unknown said...

A neighbor of mine works at a charter here in B-lo where the faculty take turns running to interviews with the B-lo Public Schools. The goal of nearly everyone teaching there is to get out, get a paycheck and some benefits and not spend half your waking hours obsessing about the ridiculous demands put on you at work.